Best & Worst: Dennis Busenitz

Photo: Seb Charlot

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

Every day comes with its share of suck and its part of luck… Those are the experiences that shape us slowly, or way too quickly sometimes. Here is a feature to try to get real life answers from our favorite skateboarders.
Actually, Dennis Busenitz should be your favorite skateboarder… No, he must, as in he most likely already is. Because, well, because he has been skateboarding really fast on all terrains all over the world, while being equally tech and gnarly, for many years now. Many, many years… And instead of slowing down with time, he just has been pushing harder. On top of that, he also rules at life, without any question about it. He will take care of his two kids, teach his dog to stop running at intersections, build the perfect ledge in his garage, fix a car for the next family trip, and more in one day. And while juggling with all this, film a couple skateboard clips that will end up in the part at the end of this page…
Dennis is our favorite human being.

 Seb Charlot

Worst thing about having a multicultural upbringing?
That you can’t fully feel comfortable in either culture because you’re a foreigner in both. It’s mostly with petty things that I notice this, though. The thing that always bothers me is not being in command of either of the languages. German was my first language but now English is taking over, since I’ve been in America for over half of my life but its still not as good as someone’s English who has grown up English speaking. Then my German is a rusty 90’s slang German. But who needs language with Instagram?

Best rumor you've heard about yourself?
I guess this rumor that I started myself. My interviews are always boring so I tried to make it more interesting by saying that I broke my arm kickfliping the Leap of Faith. Obviously a joke, or at least I thought so, but since so many people have hit me up about it. That spot must not be skateable any more or someone would have nollie hard flipped it by now.

Worst experience in France, so far?
Nothing really to speak of.

Best place to visit in Europe, on a skateboard trip?
Berlin is usually a good time, but it seems like everything is always changing. I guess where you haven’t been is the best place to go.

Worst idea you’ve ever had, for a family trip?
The X-Games. I thought it would be fun for them to watch the mega ramp and motocross guys flying around, but it wasn’t. It’s for TV so it’s best viewed on TV.

Best tip you could give to a skater about to be a dad for the first time?
Your kid is going to do what you do, so try not to be an ass. Being a good example goes much further than lecturing, and is far less annoying.

Worst tip you have ever been given, on that matter?
Your life is over. That’s not really a tip but people love to say that. Even if it were true, there is no point in harping on it.

Best tool you have in your garage?
My Festool table.

Last summer, Dennis traveled for a bit through Europe, and found the time to film this, in order to celebrate the arrival of his new shoes on Adidas :

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