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Bigger Spin / EP 004 - Bertrand Soubrier

Bertrand Soubrier has been on the board since the late eighties, and never once did he step off since. A man of phases, he's been a ginger, a Le Dome local, a professional, a tourist and more, successively, throughout the years. Beber is the man in charge behind the Haze Wheels and Basement Hill scenes, in addition to handling the fatherhood of his boy Martin.

Electric Ray!

Depending on your age, you might not be aware that for many years, Ray was without a doubt the classiest man in the world, and some could –truthfully so– argue that he still is! A crown he had first won from un undeniable yet totally cool class on board, then little by little showed us more facets of his creative side, notably via his music, primarily with a funky-er than you guitar style. But, watch him here concentrate on a new toy! You are in for a trip, a mind expending one!

Tiara for Computer is now available!

Bigger Spin / EP 003 - Marca Barbier

Marc-Alexandre is a compromise between two possibilities: Marc or Alexandre? Eventually, everything will come together under the moniker of Marc-A, or Marca for short. We've been keeping an eye on the twenty-year-old for a bit; he is dedicated, nice, creative, baggy-sportin' as to better highlight that 99.4% of his skate shoes - ever - have been Stefan Janoskis. Here's a quick pictural display of the young man's subjects of choice as tackled on his recent appearance on the Big Spin.

La Armonía / Kyle Cielencki / PREMIERE

Eric Nguyen is the epitome of the modern skate youth: passionate, smart in his social media use, and really quite frantic in terms of productivity as far as VX-1000 output is concerned. Always in between two projects, Eric just finalized his third full-length video for Houston-based skateshop Select entitled "La Armonía", of which he sent us no less than the closing segment: Kyle "Slinky" Cielencki's part. And a very good one it is! LIVE Skateboard Media is now presenting it to you, and we thought that would make for quite the perfect occasion to catch up with Eric, chit chat a bit and most importantly, introduce you to what he's been doing...

Matias Elichabehere / PREMIERE

You may not know what Matias Elichabehere's physical profile looks like, but you've definitely heard his music before in Minuit, Magenta, TransWorld or HY Skate Bag videos. Yet first and foremost, Matias is a skateboarder and now here he is, presenting us a mixtape of his footage collected over the years from Bordeaux by Yoan Taillandier to San Francisco with Zach Chamberlin - edited, you guessed it, to a brand new song by Matias! Excerpt from a previous portrait for LIVE by Olivier Fanchon: Eyes On!

"Look Left" / Joe Yates / PREMIERE

Just in time for the new Traffic Skateboards drop via Josh Stewart's great Theories Of Atlantis platform, comes this web premiere of Joe Yates' section in "Look Left", the latest Traffic full-length video offering by Josh himself. All of this, with a quick, five questions-styled interview with Joe to boot! Peep now, get inspired, and make sure to thank them later!

Bigger Spin / EP 002 - Rémy Taveira

Today's guest on the Bigger Spin is no other than Clichy-Sous-Bois youth extraordinaire, Rémy Taveira, whose strong thirst of discovery has brought him on a long, adventurous ride throughout most continents over the past decade, quite the distance away from the notorious Teenage Tour making for its starting point! The well-traveled twenty-five-years-old ripper just exposed his story on the Big Spin Podcast and now, here's the text complement complete with stories, digressions, digitalized photographs and sketchy YouTube embeds...

Bigger Spin / EP 001 - Yann Garin

Bigger Spin is a new LIVE Skateboard Media feature with the purpose of visually complementing each episode of the all new French skateboarding audio podcast: Seb Charlot and Arnaud Dedieu's Big Spin. We'll be providing extra information and visual illustration of the main points every interviewee brings up, thereby supplying the non-French speaking audience with a connection to the subjects. Big Spin's first guest was just revealed to be @101chichi aka. Yann Garin in the old times, so let's get the ball rolling with a detailed examination of the memories, events, characters and inspirations Seb and Arnaud managed to squeeze out of him!

Rob Mentov "Travel Mixtape" / PREMIERE

Rob Mentov - you might remember his name from the Street Feet edit we used to share on LIVE, a handful of moons ago. Well, Rob was just granted a guest graphic as part of the new Love Skateboards line, an occasion for which he took some time aside to put together a skate edit for us, filmed in various exotic locations, and he even went as far as subjecting himself to our ritual of the 5W's... Again!

Saint Denis

We announced the project of a documenary by Phil Evans on Irish young man Denis Lynn, recently and it finally is available online! Meet a young man that seems able to get away with about anything…


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