Aymeric Nocus "The Law of Creativity" / PREMIERE

All right, let's get this week started on the right foot, and not any foot either, but the one our very own Aymeric is never afraid to plant on one of the many step-hop variations he is known for… Almost entirely filmed in his home, the skateboarding Mecca of Blois. Proof, once again that pleasure is where you go get it!


… in Barcelona, the FTC crew keeps on exploring one the of the skated city ever, and still manage to come up with little treasures. And they sure know what to do with those!


Nope this not (yet) a case of Alzheimer, but a surprise Hockey edit, dedicated to the king of the never seen before L.A. spot found at the very end of some random back-alley… Yep, Andrew Allen. Et, yep, whenever he does not make his trick ,he still falls with undeniable class! A true champ'.

La Armonía / Kyle Cielencki / PREMIERE

Eric Nguyen is the epitome of the modern skate youth: passionate, smart in his social media use, and really quite frantic in terms of productivity as far as VX-1000 output is concerned. Always in between two projects, Eric just finalized his third full-length video for Houston-based skateshop Select entitled "La Armonía", of which he sent us no less than the closing segment: Kyle "Slinky" Cielencki's part. And a very good one it is! LIVE Skateboard Media is now presenting it to you, and we thought that would make for quite the perfect occasion to catch up with Eric, chit chat a bit and most importantly, introduce you to what he's been doing...

Dalavas duo

The Lost Boys brothers are back, this time dedicating an edit to Toulouse famous DIY spot, also known as Dalavas… Lines for days for those two. That's the benefit of being a real loc!

Atlantic Drift alert!

Rémy Taveira was discussing it in his recent Big Spin podcast, and yes, the crew did do Vegas. And did it good, trust that!

Matias Elichabehere / PREMIERE

You may not know what Matias Elichabehere's physical profile looks like, but you've definitely heard his music before in Minuit, Magenta, TransWorld or HY Skate Bag videos. Yet first and foremost, Matias is a skateboarder and now here he is, presenting us a mixtape of his footage collected over the years from Bordeaux by Yoan Taillandier to San Francisco with Zach Chamberlin - edited, you guessed it, to a brand new song by Matias! Excerpt from a previous portrait for LIVE by Olivier Fanchon: Eyes On!

Jean genio

Or where a wet and wintery Napoli doesn't seem to stop the European Levi's crew from shredding it all!

Tiago alert!

DC does Latin America, and no this is not a montage of skatepark demos interlaces with footie of raving crowds… Nope, stritcly streets, here! The real deal… Where one realizes that this Tiago dude has a trick (or a dozen of them!) for each spot, and also where a forever young Alex Carolino confirms his paternity of the whole BrazilPowerTech™ tradition that mister Lemos has been pushing to new levels recently!

"Look Left" / Joe Yates / PREMIERE

Just in time for the new Traffic Skateboards drop via Josh Stewart's great Theories Of Atlantis platform, comes this web premiere of Joe Yates' section in "Look Left", the latest Traffic full-length video offering by Josh himself. All of this, with a quick, five questions-styled interview with Joe to boot! Peep now, get inspired, and make sure to thank them later!


Where Kevin reinvents the double sided curb game, and where Jake Johnson bends the world to fit his own mindwave, or something… One hell of a job by our very own Ben Cadourne!


Where Bob Spanbauer reminds us that San Francisco still is that city where skaters migrate to in order to reveal themselves, sometimes even to the world. And he does it while catalyzing a few generations of both locs and transplants, all tossed together via a pair of perfectly loose trucks… One could almost think he escaped from the pages of print magazine Slap, in its heydays.


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