Rob Mentov "Travel Mixtape" / PREMIERE

Rob Mentov - you might remember his name from the Street Feet edit we used to share on LIVE, a handful of moons ago. Well, Rob was just granted a guest graphic as part of the new Love Skateboards line, an occasion for which he took some time aside to put together a skate edit for us, filmed in various exotic locations, and he even went as far as subjecting himself to our ritual of the 5W's... Again!

Gordon Beach Boys / GALERIE

On Monday, we will present you the newest edit by Romain Batard, following part of the Vans French team (Joseph Biais, Valentin Bauer, Quentin Boillon and Mickaël Germond) – plus their Canadian homie, Johnny Purcell–and their adventures in Isreal. So, you know you are in for the good stuff on spots you are not yet bored of! In order to get you in the mood, Loïc Benoit propose you, here, a selection of his best photos from their trip in the sun…

"GRAINS" / Kevin DelGrosso / PREMIERE

Kevin DelGrosso's video "GRAINS" excels at telling a story: that of a strong, organic scene striving in the dead center of the U.S. or A, in and around Illinois. Sheltered from the popular East vs. West Coast diptych Europeans are most often exposed to, "GRAINS" makes for a beautifully-crafted display of some honest skateboarding and passion. Of course LIVE Skateboard Media wasn't "just" going to share some of that energy; we also had to ask a few questions from across the pond!


It was only a matter of time before a brand such as HySkateBag rose from the willpower of a Bordeaux skate crew somehow really interested in providing the world with quality, Paris-made skate pouches yes, but not just that: their new video "PAR_HY", by Julien Dellion, just premiered in the French capital and now, LIVE Skateboard Media is presenting it to you alongside a quick interview with co-founder Paul Austin.

"Compulsio" / premiere

VX-1000 and film fiends beware - Esteve Femenias' new production "Compulsio" is now dropping on LIVE Skateboard Media, packed with vitamin D and coming with an interview of the filmmaker himself as conducted by one of his best friends. Some warmth in the dead middle of a cold winter is bound to Feel good!

Meeting… Richard Hart!

Richard Hart - the elusive. OG contributing photographer to the likes of Slap Magazine of SuGaR, now the mastermind behind Push Periodical (onto its ninth issue as of recently) and relocated in Europe, Rich always cultivated a taste for manners, as well as a sharp eye. LIVE Skateboard Media caught up with him for some skate- and life-related banter.

Meeting… Leo Valls!

Were Leo Valls' skateboarding to ever retain only one remarkable quality, that would surely has to be its faculty to glide the man along the tracks of one long and fancy journey... As to look back on and ponder this unusual pace of living, we managed to catch up with Leo in his hometown of Bordeaux, a life recently encapsulated by Blake Myers under the form of a sixteen-millimiter "Good Weekend".

"Dunja" / Rios Crew x Belgrade Zoo / PREMIERE

It's not just that the Budapest-based Rios Crew no longer needs an introduction, but also that they may not want any. They made another video featuring them alongside the Belgrade Zoo gang in Montenegro then zoning around Croatia with some old acquaintance, called "Dunja" (see below!), regardless of the mere existence of such considerations.

House of Vans Paris / Galerie

A visual flashback, through the trained eye of Loïc Benoit!

Meeting... Michael Burnett!

With the Paris House Of Vans pop-up event taking place this week-end, and notably featuring a retrospective exhibition of Michael Burnett's 20-years-long contribution to the main photography of Thrasher Magazine, the opportunity to catch up with this crucial protagonist of the dominant skateboarding culture was too good to pass on.

The House of Vans Paris roomies / 5 W's!

Anticipating this weekend's house of vans event in paris (for which you can book YOUR free ticket here already), let's take a minute to break the usual format of our traditional "5 w's" as to better ask five OF THE FRENCH vans riders one same - but oh-so-crucial - question…


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