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Where the Nozbone team and colleagues go to Charleroi's BPS22 museum in order to enjoy the last hours of the "Paving Space" exhibition of Raphaël Zarka's  work…

Hugo Corbin "VX Remix"

You've known young Hugo Corbin for a hot minute, now, notably through his "Cheers Paris" part, that was a PREMIERE on LIVE last year. And, he has not slowed down one bit since, wether it's on his Parisian suburbs usual spots, or during a recent Barcelona visit. Which allows him to present a new proposal fittingly equally funky and punchy! Mainly filmed by Romain Batard, and cut by Shqipron Bobaj, to a custom track by the good people of 4 Letters!


The most known Parisian skateshop, for the best reasonsNozbone continues steady killing it by producing another video, where Ludo Azémar manages to capture the energy of a city, and mainly of a generation… All you ever wanted to see when it comes to skating in Paris, and even more!

Zehn Jahren!

Ten years already! Ten years of the Benchmark, the comp created by Nozbone, the undeniable Parisian skateshop for a while, now… In order to celebrate, they are associating with their Berlin colleagues of Civilist, and are even heading there this week-end, while the Paris date is set on the 24th of September. All announced by a dope little edit of both teams meeting up in the streets!

Giddy #2

Romain Batard is back with a new Giddy episode, at the same time Steve Malet is moving back to Paris. Talk about timing… Oh, and Hugo Maillard goes all the way to Brussels to invent the nosegrind shifty out! Seriously…

Giddy #1 / PREMIERE

You may remember Romain Batard from the Frame by Frame full-length, or his multiple collaborations with LIVE, like his rather innovating Hors Champ, or his recent collaboration with Alexis Jamet… Well, he is back behind th

Hugo Corbin "Cheers Paris" / PREMIERE

Seventeen years young Hugo is your typical Parisian skater: a suburb kid that you end spotting all over the capitol spots, year round! This is nothing new, the city has always fed of its surrounding, and it is even more true when it comes to skateboarding! Hugo Corbin: Parisian of the future, and already there, if you think about it. Proof here in footage gathered along 2016, with his buddy Émile Moutaud. Yep, the kids are all right and more, and this is why we want to introduce to them, today as a LIVE exclusive, for the day!

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