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"Vladimir" / premiere

In seven years of existence, Nikola Racan's Vladimir Film Festival has slowly but surely grown to become a remarkable institution as part of the European - not to say worldwide - skate scene, gathering hundreds of skateboarders from the whole world over in the small croatian village of Fažana every year. On location every year since (nearly) the beginning, Aymeric Nocus picked 2017 as the year to finally bring his video camera with him, as an effort to capture and share as much of that effervescence as possible, with precious VX-1000 assistance from George Toland and Rémi Luciani who documented the energy of the skate sessions. The final product is now premiereing on LIVE Skateboard Media, after physical premieres at the Mimpi Film Festival in Rio De Janeiro and the Roundabout Fest in Berlin... Worldwide connexions!

Hugo Corbin "VX Remix"

You've known young Hugo Corbin for a hot minute, now, notably through his "Cheers Paris" part, that was a PREMIERE on LIVE last year. And, he has not slowed down one bit since, wether it's on his Parisian suburbs usual spots, or during a recent Barcelona visit. Which allows him to present a new proposal fittingly equally funky and punchy! Mainly filmed by Romain Batard, and cut by Shqipron Bobaj, to a custom track by the good people of 4 Letters!

Meeting… Val Bauer!

Taking a logical next step, we present you here Val's lengthy version of his "En Transit" interview…

Val Bauer "En Transit"

From his recent integration to Paccbet, a board brand located quite East of his native city of Lille, to a quasi super-activity of his Öctagon buddies and a solid take on street skating while never shying away from a little quirky take on it, we always have Val in our sights but for the good reasons. All his recent activity gives us the occasion of helping you find out a little more about this fine young man, via a new LIVE production, signed by Blake Myers, with a custom soundtrack done by Thom Pringle. The video drops with an "En Transit" zine that will be available in a selection of French skateshops. A project supported by Vans.

Alex Raeymaekers / le remix

All right, it is Alex's turn to get the Victor Demonte, remix treatment of his Pop Trading Company footage, just like he did for Noah Bunink. Mister Raeymaekers has got the quick feet thing mastered, and puts it to great use, so you should dig it! Street skating as we would love to do, with a smile on his face at all times… Well, almost. Another LIVE exclusive!

Marc-A Barbier "Safe"

If you've been skating in Paris, regularly or on a trip, you will not have missed Marc-Alexandre, or "Marc-A" as everybody calls him. He's on point, to say the least, and has been for a few years now, despite his young age, and it should not change anytime soon. One will note his personal approach of the spot, whatever it might be, and skills when it comes to flip his board, whenever he sees fit… Yup, we dig him, and this is why we decided to send Augustin his way to produce this part.

Parisii / le remix / Magenta homies

Fuck it, it is Easter, so this one is on us! Here is the Magenta part of the Parisii remix. Baby Jesus was dead and came back, or not really, but the only thing we know for sure is friends are forever!

Noah Bunink / interview

You've digged the compilation of his footage Victor Demonte put together for us, yesterday… Now, learn a bit more about the kid!

Noah Bunink / Le remix…

Noah, the name is more than familiar, from those Pop Clips: always the unexpected line, and feet both quick and agile! Being lucky enough to have spent quality curb side time with this fine young man, we can also certify he is a good egg… So, why not put together his best footage, and hand it to a common friend, Victor Demonte to have fun with it? The final result will be a motivation high for all, even in the most charmingly (?) heavy in interlocking slabs Holland is infamous for. And stay tuned for more!

A big thanks to Sami el Hassani, Marc Bolhuis, Jan Maarten Sneep and Ralf Goossens for contributing their footie!

Parisii / le remix / Steve Malet

So, we keep claiming "not the same", but like everybody else, we got caught in chasing scoops and the latest Insta compilation, loosing track of our very own productions! Let's try to restore order, here, by –finally– putting online the Parisii remix! After its screening at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, it is now time to share this labor of love by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, in collaboration with fellow skater Vincent Perrin for the soundtrack, starting with one of the most motivated skaters for the whole length of the project: monsieur Stephen Malet! Never shy of hammers, Steve is also the kind to adapt to any nook or cranny to pop on a deserted sidewalk. Which made him the ideal candidate to point a camera at, during the three years of incessant scavenging of Parisian streets. Enjoy!

DIY DIG / La Cave

If you pronounce the always dreaded DIY acronym in France (it is virtually unpronounceable to most native tonguers), the name of Jo Dezecot will quickly become part of the conversation… Notably for the ten years his Cléré-les-Pins spot lasted! Last year, he decided to take it easy and retreat to the countryside where he could locate his whole family under a safe and quiet roof. Until he realized the house did come with a cave! Guess what happened!? Yep… Here is the second episode of our #vansdiydig series, and what should be a kick in the nuts for all of us, in order to get us started on doing something. What have you planned for the week-end, again?

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support on this project. And if you want to give a hand, you can, here!


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