Max Palmer

B side

A nice compilation of second angles, "outtakes" and other never seen before footie from some of the most interesting projects filmed recently in NYC make for a great showcase of what's happening in the Big Apple nowadays. Also includes Vincent Touzery!

Hjalte alert!

At Frog, they love Hjalte so much they just gave him a guest board… But, we love Hjalte too, and you love Hjalte too, don't you!?  The main difference is they get to skate all around NYC with him, which transcribes in endless smiles and beautiful lines…

Cyrus Alert!

Now, hold on your crew socks! Cyrus Bennett drops a real part only a couple weeks after the 917 full-length, and, well, we are far, far away from any sort of throw-away, here… Pop, style, speed, spots, he's got it all wired, including the mach ten lines: just perfect!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

With "Loose Trucks Max" as a nickname many moons before making a last name for himself, we've been following Mister Palmer, and as years went by, one fact has just been confirmed: the longing desire to be Max Palmer when one grows up, or at least skate like him!



The ever explosive Cyrus, Roman in full finesse, a Max Palmer at his best, pretty much every New-Yorker you dig and a Touzery for the grand finale… Wait, you haven't cicked, yet!?

A brave new world

When Carhartt WIP is going to cross the Atlantic to recruit some new work force, you bet they are going to pick them right… And this trip to Seoul, in between Old Town, and the Future as announced today showcases it perfectly.

Summer days…

John Wilson's usual suspects are back, with the right amount of summer vibe to get you in the mood… The days are barely starting, so take notes! Actually, beware: you can skip the whole hacky sack thing, trust us…

Loosy truckin'

Max Palmer is now a local in a part of your brain, notably through the John Wilson edits, and this compilation of his always standing out featurings in there points out his spontaneous style, evidently, but also way more precision than one would expect. The very loose trucks making the difference… The question now being the recent shaving of his mane: could he, like Samson, loose his power!?


Sequence 1

John Wilson and buddies: the perfect recipe… Here, we have a Nick Boserio at his best in spots aggression, an always unexpected Max Palmer, and the Cyrus Bennett we all love! Let's note also the improbable wallie kickflip…

Charles' tip: HD14!

"A bit of street life in company of our favorite NYC crew!" With a Vincent Touzery featuring… Hmm, I wonder what's written on his board? Might be time to give him a call!


This could be a follow-up to CORE as the crew is quasi similar, but in a more exotic location, in Puerto-Rican heat! A bit more than a change of scenery, therefore, and the way Boserio and Cyrus Bennett treat it all, you are just going to love it!

Charles' tip: "Core"

"Now, that's what I call a good crew!" Sure, the van was loaded of diverse talents! This Nike SB trip through the Fred Gall territories of Upstate, guided by Quartersnacks was promising, to say the least, but the final result is just about perfect! Do NOT miss this, from the tricks pushed to the T of Cyrus Bennett to the improv' approach of Max Palmer, you're in for a treat!


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