Roman Gonzalez

Contemporary art

Where the Nozbone team and colleagues go to Charleroi's BPS22 museum in order to enjoy the last hours of the "Paving Space" exhibition of Raphaël Zarka's  work…

Blobys alert!

You were daydreaming about it, well, here it is! A remix of the most famous Instagram accounts in the world, those belonging to the Blobys… The finest at his best, one could say, all rehashed by Hadrien Buhanic. And from the technique of Karl Salah to the impossibilities mastered by Kevin Rodrigues, you're in for a good show!

Blue-eyed boy

Our very own Augustin celebrates Winter Time with a look back at when the days were way longer in Paris… But no nostalgia, here, just good mood! Well, almost…

Public Service Announcement

Yep, "I like it here inside my mind. Don't wake me this time.", in full, for all to share, here!


They came, they are all here! From the ones you are opening Instagram every morning hoping for another crazy post, comes that compilation of all their square clips. Be ready for that laid back skating that gets you more stoked than anything else… Lucky you!

Charles' tip: "Paris"

"Who got the balls to try that very last trick?" You would need to actually think about it, Charles! An American in Paris, Jack Greer, an high-tech phone and here you go…

Berlin Flashback

Let's head back to Berlin, where we verify that even on a "faux" spot, Kenny Anderson get a real touch of class! Oh, and happy birthday, Kenny!


If you don't know who the Blobys are, you haven't been following much of what has been going on in Paris, since that younglings crew from a few years ago has turned into one of the most active, and more visible of the French capitol… And Bidj is their new in-house production, filmed and edited by a first generation Bloby, Hadrien Buhannic.


Ben Chadourne did not disappoint with this first •Atom edit, but we never doubted him, to be truthful! He has a mean casting, and with a mini Guillaume Dulout part in there, you have all you could ask for to end a Sunday! Can't wait for the follow-up!


Jordan Trahan, goddamit! 5 Boro is the kind of team that can afford that type of "throwaway", and promise on top a new video for soon… That's highly respectable!

Parisii V / VI / VII

We had announced the longest episode since Parisii debuted… Well, Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon deliver! Here is more than ten minutes of raw Parisian skateboarding, exploring the shores of the Seine and areas more known for their tourist sites… And, nope, the Eiffel Tower pounds haven't been drained recently! But, this is still a trip worth boarding, trust us!


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