Dynamic duo!

Gonz and Tyshawn are a match made in heaven, seriously! Add a couple dope feauting too…

Ishod alert!

Well, it had been a minute!!!


Five stars trip

Converse reveals the One Star World Tour 2018, sixteen days of traveling through the United States, Paris and London with the team that we like so much. And for this year’s edition, it looks like it’s the young skaters (European for some) in the spotlight with a Felipe Bartolome on fire and a breathtaking Kaue Cossa. All this announces only good things for the future.

Vega skateshop "I don’t care" / PREMIERE

The VEGA skate team just came back from a trip to Marseille, and they brought back a short video entitled I don’t care, in which the they take time to taste well the Marseilles's concrete, but also meet the local fauna in addition to the few well performed pirouettes with their boards. In any case, the thing we can be sure is that the title was not chosen randomly. 

Augustin's tip: Raney!

Looks like recent Trujillo / Giovannoni meeting of minds already has direct consequences, because Augustin woke up as a unaccomodating tranny killer fan! Now, that's one hell of a side effect… And, nope, this is not a new brand, but a humoristic commentary (that might be debatable…) from Anti Hero on those pesky small brands that have been mean to the larger (fatter?) skateboard brands out there… But, anyway, Raney rips.

Dolan dosage!

Always explosive, that mister Stearns! Even in what looks like only a few days on the road…

Better late than never…

Because, well, yes, that new Yoan Taillandier edit is made of footage filmed in San Francisco five years ago, but the great thing about skateboarding, just like for wine, is that it ages well, and even often really well. Well, unless you are on team managing duties… One will notably note what could almost make a full part of James Coleman and his signature powerful yet flowing style.

Wade alert!

ÉS reveals a new model, the ACCEL Plus Everstitch. Beyond the complicated name of the model, they called Wade DesarmoKelly Hart and Tom Asta to test the shoe. And you can imagine that when you film at night in the streets of Los Angles with these three guys, the final result gets nice.


Pierre Patissou / "Doomed Tapes" / 5W's!

There is a chance (albeit slim!) that some of our French readers might have, indirectly, interacted with Pierre Patissou before; over a decade ago, more specifically, back when he was a regular on the infamous Plus2Sport message boards, under the screen name "Dramatique"... Well, his tangible self now resides in Bordeaux, and has been for some time; a situation he's been putting to good use, as he is just now releasing "Doomed Tapes", a video he has spent most of the past two years making. And of course, it's packed with the usual Bordeaux heads, as well as a healthy pack of lesser-seen faces! What better occasion than this, to get the 5W's rolling?


We have noticed by now, 2018 is the year of the unexpected, and if tell you "Adrien Bulard skating to Russian Trap!", you might not even bat an eyelid… That's where we are, uh? Well, this is also where he THAT back tail… Oh, and fear not, his fits are as ill as his hammers are surprising. Yep, you might want t hold on to your shorts for that one!

Austyn alert!

Well, the kid is all right… And in 16mm, it even looks better!


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