Pop, pop, pop: he sure got that, but way more too…

All flat

Note to self: never lend your car to the Hotel Blue guys!

Sunday treat…

Bored of your bag of six transition tricks? Why not try to learn the one perfectly demonstrated by Elijah Akerly at  0' 44"!?

Small things…

Just for that soap shoe hammer!

Saint Denis

We announced the project of a documenary by Phil Evans on Irish young man Denis Lynn, recently and it finally is available online! Meet a young man that seems able to get away with about anything…


Ahh, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff… He ticks all the right boxes! At least for us. Good nimble style, check, great lines, check, and ones made of unexpected tricks, check. Yup, that Pop Short should put a smile on our collective faces, despite being entirely filmed on the Dutch-est possible terrains you could encounter!

Emmanuel et Brigitte ont adopté un chien

Or where the Rave(-rs) team up with the esteemed colleagues of Jump skateshop to visit Montpellier… Because what a better address to start a new place visit than the place that provides all the local scene? You would guess what happened after that: spots you most likely have never seen, fresh skating on it and the most bizarre video title in a real long time!

Rob Mentov "Travel Mixtape" / PREMIERE

Rob Mentov - you might remember his name from the Street Feet edit we used to share on LIVE, a handful of moons ago. Well, Rob was just granted a guest graphic as part of the new Love Skateboards line, an occasion for which he took some time aside to put together a skate edit for us, filmed in various exotic locations, and he even went as far as subjecting himself to our ritual of the 5W's... Again!


Yesterday, we were presenting the Hy crew, while premiering, as a LIVE exclusive, their latest video offering, by Julien Dellion, with a soundtrack by Matias Elichabehere, filmed during a recent Paris visit. The edit now free to share, and you should show around. People should dig it!

"GRAINS" / Kevin DelGrosso / PREMIERE

Kevin DelGrosso's video "GRAINS" excels at telling a story: that of a strong, organic scene striving in the dead center of the U.S. or A, in and around Illinois. Sheltered from the popular East vs. West Coast diptych Europeans are most often exposed to, "GRAINS" makes for a beautifully-crafted display of some honest skateboarding and passion. Of course LIVE Skateboard Media wasn't "just" going to share some of that energy; we also had to ask a few questions from across the pond!

Ach, Stuttgart!

Join us for a little cruise around the German city, with the skateshop team that seems to always keep it classy: Arrow & Beast


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