Canadian art

Decidedly, people are skating hard in Canada these days. Antosh Cimszoko brought out the camera so that we could enjoy the talent of his fine crew. Everything seems so simple, the tricks slide without problems one after the other. Although, special mention for the last line of Tyler Warren.

One more dose of Pure

We knew we had to keep a close eye on the guys from Pure Wolrdwide, and here they are back to put us a big slap with Bag Juice. An edit in which they are literally without mercy with all the spots they cross from the capital to Marseilles. Between Tony Rafanomezana’s (which also has an incredible part) and Ruben Planque’s bangers, the technique of Allan Arma or the inimitable style of Stanley Pradel, we will quickly end up addicted!

Friendship is forever

Remy Taveira leaving Antiz, this is a news that leaves a slight pinch in the heart... We all end up needing a little bit of change, one day. Beyond that, we wish him of course the best for the future, and success in all his upcoming projects. Before leaving, he selected, withLudovic Azémar, like to say goodbye, some of the most beautiful memories he sowed behind him during his years of loyal service to Antiz.

Don't slip!

Our Budapest-based favorites are back, with all the amazing ingredients you should be used to expecting from a Rios crew edit by now! Which is a whole bunch of spots all randomly placed on the marble-smooth to cobblestone-rugged spectrum, real raw street style, some glimpses of varied instances of social interaction - oh and a handful of improbable slams, too. Bontó’s brilliance works its magic and marks for one more of the Rios crew’s montages that will get you stoked on going to skate; straight from the OG’s who have managed to popularize Budapest as a skate destination in Europe all by themselves, all by hand, through nothing but years of sincere dedication and audiovisual work. Much respect!


Juan Saavedra, Santiago Sasson, Karl Salah, Oscar Candon for the skating, and Yohan Taillandier behind the fisheye, obviously the result is impressive. This is the fourth opus of the Future Inc’s Timeline series, and the least we can say is that the technique is there. There is nothing that exceeds, each trick is clear and precise, a treat for the pupils.

Yes, sir!

The WKND Team is back for our greatest happiness by offering, again, an incredible vidéo: Sir Palmer. And their filmer Grant Yansura who had already made the Stories video confirms here that he is there for something! It’s bubbling with creativity, as much in the realization as in skateboarding. In addition they even offer themselves a small detour to Paris that only makes the video better.


The web release of Hellgeria, a tour edit in Algeria featuring the Unemployed roster, is just around the corner now. As a sign of warning, the guys behind the aforementioned griptape brand (sticking to the French scene remarkably well) are just now sharing this trailer with us; a summary of the epileptic chaos their journey was, which will for sure make a few of you wonder what exactly is to come, and leave you inspired to see more - not just talking skating!

Vans Park Series / Malmö 2018

Ah, Malmö, its industrial wastelands made famous by Pontus Alv, its skateboard school, its revolution in integrating skatable structures into daily urban landscape… And its impressive concrete skateparks! What a better place for the Vans Park Series to drop its duffel bag, and take its kneepads out of for a breather!? And they all came along, off course, including our very own Augustin that gives us here his vision of a rather heavy week-end. And, yes, it is the local hero that stole it all, including the heart of all his coping partners! Dig it!

La dolce caravan

With La Dolce Vita Social Club, everything can start from an old caravan to restore. In this case we are talking about a small trip to discover unexplored areas around Sicily. Primitivo is the video that tells us everything about it through a nice palette of tricks (including a rather nice backside flip) between the desert spots, or even heavenly for some, and the Sicilian streets a little more lively.

JJ Alert!

A week-long vacation in Palm Springs for the Dickies skate team, a bit more of Ronnie Sandoval, Vincent Alvarez, even Peter Hewitt, and of course Jake Johnson (and many others). On the program, a little bit of DIY, street when the desire take them, and especially a lot of bowl. This is a good opportunity to see these few heads we like leaving for a little their favorite area, to the point of skating a relatively unlikely pool.

Studio on fire

Some news from Quebec' Studio Skateboards, and not just anything! Lately, twelve minutes of pure street skating in Montreal. There are a lot of original spots, and others that we start to know, but they know how to make interesting. And an amazing Zander Mitchell who goes pro by signing what is surely the best part of the video.

Bobby Blue

Bobby De Keyzer? You might think he could have gone missing since the recent release of the Converse video Purple. Well, the guys from Blue Tile Lounge Toronto are offering us a new full-length entitled Baby Blue. Here is Bobby’s part, powerful, straight, not the slightest imbalance, as usual.


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