Ville Wester


Just the backside flip grab would enough to fuel a week or two of debates, but before all, once again, Soulland drops another edit that really, really gets you hyped to skate, even when filmed deep in the Scandinavian autumn…

You got soul

Well, as everybody is talking about Copenhaguen, how about a tour of the city with Eric Koston and a crew of local colleagues? Care for th pitch of that very post modern edit co-produced by the Soulland heads? Well, everybody rips, but in the end Hjalte crushes everything and everybody… Surprised?

Postcard from Denmark

So, yep, a few spots are far away from there, but for the most part, Villads Larsen, Tobias Lynge and their friends are taking you around their locals, for quite an exotic trip, in the end!

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