Here are some news from North of the American border, through the local youth of today, that despite a taste for vintage looks keep it very fresh in the streets!

Contemporary art

Where the Nozbone team and colleagues go to Charleroi's BPS22 museum in order to enjoy the last hours of the "Paving Space" exhibition of Raphaël Zarka's  work…

Youth of today!

What if, in 2018, Thaynan Costa was the poster child of the younglings? Quick footed, skilled, and always smiling, despite a knack for natural terrain that really does not qualify as "easy"… And all this for DC? Well, this new year has been more than promising, so far!


Meanwhile, in Stuttgart, young Roman Jahns is not afraid of mixing German Tech© and uneasy spots… And if this does not get you amped to go out and face the winter, well, the track should put you in the right mood for all your Saturday Night activities!


What would you do with an old piece of junk car? Another great episode from the GX 1000 crew, with many new members, all sharing the "hill thrills" virus!

Dat mixtape ya need!

All right, history class to kick off the year the right way! And, sure, the elders will get teary eyed reminiscing their glory days, but all young bucks among you will get their kicks too: after all, stylish skateboarding on rough spots can only improve with the years, doesn't it?


And, no, the idea is not to rehash a pointless debate… Because, end of the day, the idea that there might be a "better" skater than the other is laughable (to stay polite) at best. Let's just use the existence of this remix by Village Psychic of the best footie of Tiago Lemos in 2017 to end the year remembering that he was the only skating house sized "spots" with a big smile on his face… Plus the track picked for it should put you in the perfect party mode for tonight!

Let's see what 2018 will be bringing him… and us!


At least, it is going to be difficult to get cleaner…

Raw Splits

You had loved Patrik Wallner's "Splits", well, here is some extras, and a healthy dose of that Japanese urban landscape the Evisen video has got us crazy about lately …


Guru Khalsa and his Birch disciples continue to tackle Texan spots that looks rough as hell, all in a general mood that one could name as… "psyche-RIOS"!? Sure, why not!?

Land of the rising pop

Those attending the Evisen full-length we had organized in Paris with Nozbone, would know it: Seimi Miyahara has managed to drop a part worthy of the amazing one he had in Lenz II… Mission impossible would say all dedicated followers of Japanese skateboarding! But, well, he just did!

Over there…

If the idea that a video project (whatever its subject might be) could even reach "must see" levels nowadays, the latest James Craven production, in conjunction with Grey Skate Mag, might be the only one to get there, in a mighty long time… Following the already striking Land, to transcend it and reach masterpiece level. There, we said it. And if the idea of showcasing the search for somewhere anew to put his wheels on is not new, it is treated here in a way that stay clear from the pseudo-epicness that mentally exhausts us everyday. But enough pontificating, do yourself good and enjoy this rare moment…


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