(Almost) secret nugget!

Headlines are so busy these days, in between the part designed so Louie can get Marketing tool of the Year and the new Krooked full-length, we are swimming in amazing skateboarding footage… And that's the day Traffic picks to put online the latest Kevin Coakley part… So, yep, you have missed it, and that is a shame, as… As Kevin Coakley ticks all the boxes, from tasteful tech to a selection of spots so unridable that no one else actually skate them. And all that in complete smoothness! So, yep, treat yourselves, and click, click!

Let's skate dude!

The new Krooked full length? It's here, it's now!


At NB#, if the team is more than serious, one can also feel the desire to push the visual boundaries, and this new edit pushes a little further Russell Houghten's experimentations, once again, without reaching bad taste territory… One will also note a rather in the zone Brandon Westgate!


Where Brandon Nguyen gives us his own (and therefore in complete control) take on the Nippon street, in a quasi-perfect autumnal vibe, while reminded us a often disregarded fact: if Belle and Sebastien can not seriously qualify as "Skate Rock", the band sure has helped the general soundtrack derails more than on a few occasion over the years, which is always a good thing!

And the prophecy was fulfilled!

A legend coming from the lands of Czechia states that every generation will see a master of all things ledge rise from the place known as Stalin-Platz, before spreading terror and destruction upon all waxed angles of the world as we know it… One still remembers Petr Horvat, and we can now announce that the one known as Roman Lisivka is now standing at the top of the hill watching over Prague. You are now warned!


Our buddies at Place are dropping a second episode of their Adidas in Berlin series, and if Marcus Bordewick continues to impress with his cleaner than clean pop, it is Niels Bennett that steals the show with two, even three, tricks that rank from unlikely to impossible… Managing even to surprise us with a wall-ride!

Tyshawn alert!

The only mixtape you need! Or when flatground game is on point…

Jof's tip: "Coolpix"!

"Check the new edit from Cinquième Terrasse, if you haven't spotted it, it's great! Especially that lil' Nico kid, he knows when and where to throw down!" When Joffrey Morel texts you a tip, you follow it, so do yourself a favor, do just like us, and enjoy a nice edit mixing skaters from France and Switzerland that make it look nice, wether you've heard of them or not (yet)!


The Unemployed homies are back with a more bucolic version of their beloved Marseille (no street violence, this time…) and a few famous guests, including Sean Pablo in full nod to Aaron Suski, and even Jake Johnson, once again mastering an impossible trick: the dreaded slappy nosegrind. Yep, Marseille is about that street stuff, we tell ya!

Evisen, it's about now!

We will be premiering the Evisen full-length in Paris, on December 7th, with the help of the Nozbone homies, but in the meantime, here is the newest trailer for it, and if that one doesn't get you pumped enough to join us that evening, well, we don't know what's good anymore. This just encapsulates all that Japanese ill shit you we all love!


Where we continue our exploration of the here and now of London, this time with the guys of Wayward skateboards! The raw street you dig!

Reclaim the streets

Join in for a not so bucolic cruise around the streets of San Francisco, as seen through the eyes of the skaters that most likely experience it more than their average neighbor, and also a demonstration of what it is to be a skateboarder (not just being skateboarding, surprisingly enough…) by that one Julien Stranger guy. We will have a Monday test on gentrification of the city, please do your own researches this week-end!


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