"Look Left" / Joe Yates / PREMIERE

Just in time for the new Traffic Skateboards drop via Josh Stewart's great Theories Of Atlantis platform, comes this web premiere of Joe Yates' section in "Look Left", the latest Traffic full-length video offering by Josh himself. All of this, with a quick, five questions-styled interview with Joe to boot! Peep now, get inspired, and make sure to thank them later!


Where Kevin reinvents the double sided curb game, and where Jake Johnson bends the world to fit his own mindwave, or something… One hell of a job by our very own Ben Cadourne!


Where Bob Spanbauer reminds us that San Francisco still is that city where skaters migrate to in order to reveal themselves, sometimes even to the world. And he does it while catalyzing a few generations of both locs and transplants, all tossed together via a pair of perfectly loose trucks… One could almost think he escaped from the pages of print magazine Slap, in its heydays.

Al Fresco!

A perfect follow-up to our recent interview of Francisco Saco about his edit Moonlight: a new video, this time fully filmed in his home of Costa Rica, presenting a large chunk of a scene that deserve the ATV title, and showcases an amazing energy… If you love watching unskatable spots being taken upon with undeniable bravado, this one is for you!


Interesting case, that Mark Del Negro… One can feel the experience in the way tricks are executed and the sure feet, but with a lightness on the board that screams youthfulness. The Hopps rider also knows how to pick his spots with impeccable taste, from the abandoned alleyways of his Delaware to more famous (but not necessarily easier) ones in Philly.

Marc-A 'lert!

Where our very own Marc-A follows a few renown British skater to South Africa, to see what is going on there… Oh, and he rips a few spots, there, the way he knows how!

"Moonlight" / PREMIERE


Skateboarding is just as full of surprises as it is broken down into entities, scenes and the individuals who run them; here we catch up with Costa Rica via filmmaker Francisco Saco and lifelong skateboarder Miguel Castro, upon the release of their new montage: "MOONLIGHT", filmed in Croatia last september and premiering here and now, on LIVE Skateboard Media; but also to reminisce about - and most likely expose some of you to - "CANASTA", the epic full-length video documenting the Costa Rica scene. Watch, read, learn, rejoice, enjoy!

Applied geometry?

Brazilian Victor Süssekind seems to operate at a different level of (altered?) consciousness, which allows him to skate, well, mountains! Off course, after that, urban furniture, even the most extreme one, might seem a bit dull…


…or the art of sharp turns. And when we say sharp, we mean it! One will have to test his trucks bushings for doping someday, but until then, please do not reduce monsieur Uehara to his ability to turn where others would just hit the nearby wall. Oh, no! Because he's got way more capabilities when it comes to manipulating his board… Pure genius, this part.

Bigger Spin / EP 002 - Rémy Taveira

Today's guest on the Bigger Spin is no other than Clichy-Sous-Bois youth extraordinaire, Rémy Taveira, whose strong thirst of discovery has brought him on a long, adventurous ride throughout most continents over the past decade, quite the distance away from the notorious Teenage Tour making for its starting point! The well-traveled twenty-five-years-old ripper just exposed his story on the Big Spin Podcast and now, here's the text complement complete with stories, digressions, digitalized photographs and sketchy YouTube embeds...


Ahh, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff… He ticks all the right boxes! At least for us. Good nimble style, check, great lines, check, and ones made of unexpected tricks, check. Yup, that Pop Short should put a smile on our collective faces, despite being entirely filmed on the Dutch-est possible terrains you could encounter!

Emmanuel et Brigitte ont adopté un chien

Or where the Rave(-rs) team up with the esteemed colleagues of Jump skateshop to visit Montpellier… Because what a better address to start a new place visit than the place that provides all the local scene? You would guess what happened after that: spots you most likely have never seen, fresh skating on it and the most bizarre video title in a real long time!


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