The Marseille homies of Unemployed puts us right back into the vacation mood, with their recent trip to Barcelona. Not sure how much rest they did get, though. Not so much it appears, from all the ripping we can see them doing here! Good stuff, we tell you!

"Semaine Zero"

Your life never was the same ever, after that…


Another cruising edit through the streets of Paris, one might argue, but with Val Bauer and Joseph Biais on board, you know you are in for the skating you and we dig, all captured on 16mm, in a beautiful black and white by Thibaut Grevet.

Charles' tip: "New York 1993"!

"Such a must see!" Or when the Rennes locals go on holidays in NYC… What do you think happened? A storm of hammers, that's what happened, with even an Ellington featuring! Nice find, Charles!


The most known Parisian skateshop, for the best reasonsNozbone continues steady killing it by producing another video, where Ludo Azémar manages to capture the energy of a city, and mainly of a generation… All you ever wanted to see when it comes to skating in Paris, and even more!

Ballade intellectuelle

More group cruising in Three Stripes for the Magentists… Beware, this edit might makes you think too much. Or not. Viewing not recommender if you have any paranoid tendencies!

kings of hip(-pies)

Where one takes the simplest daily pleasures of skateboarding, mini-ramping and, furthermore, the good ol' hippie jump, to turn it into its very own category of performance, reaching Olympic –yet, actually creative– levels… Skateboarding is a beautiful thing, especially when it's done by dudes like the Atlantic Drift crew. Seriously…

“15th & JFK”

OK, bear with us, but word on the streets is that this guy Chris Mulhern is working on a documentary dedicated to his beloved LOVE park… And beware, we are speaking about a real doc', so he is currently traveling the world researching main characters of all eras, starting here with one the main documentarian of a time most consider the golden era of the spot, Bill

A.E.I.U.O part 2

Our very own Augustin is back with a sick edit, filmed from Berlin to Copenhagen, but mainly around Paris, with one hell of a casting… You gonna dig it, guaranteed!


How do kids say these days, again? "Pro as Fuck"? Oh, wait, it says "European Pro", here… Undoubtedly one of the most explosive skaters around these pas years!

Crew deep!

Our friends at Magenta just dropped a second collab' with Adidas, and are topping it with an edit celebrating cruising around Paris as a group, that will make you ring your crew to push around as a gang!

Jean genies

From Édouard Depaz to Val Bauer, we are already signing in and add the rapidly making his room in everybody's heart Quentin Boillon and you're in for quality street skating… Put those three in Paris under Joaquim Bayle's scrutinity, and you got a match!


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