Need for speed?

What do you mean you don't watch this everyday before going for a (faster than usual) push around with your friends!? One of the great surprises of Static V

Can't stop!

As always, they got it right, at Butter Goods! Even in Barcelona, they manage to renew the streets they explore, and even the beyond rinsed spots… All through lines, and with class, from the good ol' Morgan Campbell to the seemingly relentless Philly Santosuosso… Nothing seems to get in his way!

A real sharp Pass-Port!

They had warned us in their most recent edit, but this time it is official: our favorite Australians have gone full HD! But, fear not that is about all that has changed: they still shred about anything in their path, in high spirits but laid-back manner, and the Athens streets sure can attest to that. We will note a Josh Pall in great form, on top of that!


What if, this year, Spring would just never come, and we had to go and get it!? That's what on everybody's mind, these days, but the Cleptomanicx team had decided to take things in their hands… And headed to Gan Canaria, in order to try to bring back a bit of sun. And they managed to, at least on their footage… So, enjoy it!

cou-cou lol

Meanwhile in Paris, any quasi-Spring like day sees every nose pop out of the always dreaded beanie/scarf/hoodie combo, full of young hope… And it is a beautiful sight, we tell ya!

"Saint Denis", as seen by Phil Evans and Samu Karvonen!

You may already be familiar with Phil Evans' name due to the well-earned notoriety of his past films such as "Format Perspective" or "Coping Mechanism", experiments such as "Paper Cut London" or maybe even the elusive "Scrum Tilly Lush", a full-length skate video filmed all over Europe on nothing but Super 8 film. This Spring, the Irish filmmaker strikes again with "SAINT DENIS", a documentary about not-less-Irish skateboarder Denis Lynn (yes, Conhuir's brother!), for Carhartt Work In Progress. Premieres of the film are going down worldwide as we speak and, with the Paris one just around the corner (scheduled for March 28th), we thought now would be a great time to catch up with Phil, but also with Denis' Finnish Carhartt WIP teammate Samu Karvonen who's also prominently featured in the film. Now and without any further delay...

Huf 01

Where in only a handful of tricks, austyn reminds us all all why he's our daddy… One will also note a rather "on fire" Jake Anderson, and an ever stylish Sammy Winter…

Big Spin / Yann Garin

A new podcast, yes, but a French one! Sorry, you're going to have to dust off your translation skills to get all the stories from  one of the oldest guys to still rep' it in those streets, with style!


Le touriste

Or when a young Californian does a bit more than slappy noseslides at République when he comes to Paris! Or skate toursim at his best…

Brady alert!

Ah, Danny… What is there left to add about the last standing member of the "Royal Family"? Nowadays captain of the Palazzo team, he stills manages to be one of the most prolific, yet, classy skaters of the whole lot… Brady? Got to love him!

GT alert!

Where, in only a couple of rather incredible tricks, Grant Taylor manages to make you forget the other elephant in the room, IE how improbable is that new collab', interbreeding the Swoosh and the grumpy yet majestic Bowl Eagle… 

Vertical leap

In order to open Spirit Quest, one could not just have a few good clips stashed up, right!? But, you can always count on Ryan Barlow and his explosive pop to open the floorgate in grand style, notably with his very first line. Another great slice of one of the greatest full-lenths to have come out in the past years. But, you'd know that. Also, remember the recent release of part of the Spirit Quest soundtrack.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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