Bigger Spin / EP 010 - Ludovic Azémar

You're probably used to how it works by now, for every new episode of the French Big Spin podcast coming out, LIVE Skateboard Media drops the Bigger Spin, its complementary article packed with links and images aplenty, pertaining to the latest guest's words. And in this case, said new guest just so happens to be the Paris-based filmmaker Ludovic Azémar, and he's the author of videos that have most likely caught your attention before. Even if you can't grasp the spoken word in French, feel welcome to use this page and still flow through whatever it is Ludo has to say!


Grand Blanc - "Belleville"


Ludo's latest piece is this new video clip (comprising some skateboarding) for the Paris-based band, Grand Blanc.

The Antiz fellows are featured, skating around Belleville...


Fat Joe crew

Ludo really got into filming with those guys, in the region of Verrières-le-Buisson (Essonne).

People had driving licenses and cars to get to the spots...


Nico Eustache, Joseph & les Jumo

Nico Eustache is the one who introduced Ludo to the Paris skate scene whilst on a session with Joseph Biais, Vivien Feil, Lisa Jacob and Benjamin Deberdt.

In these photos : Nico and Thomas messing around, and Benoit, Ludo and Joseph.



(Jean-Jacques Rousseau and) Paul Allard (2008)

Paul was a young Bercy ripper back in the day.

Gifted, dedicated and friendly, you'd always see him around.

He hung out with Cliché for a while then with 5Boro, then had many a burger with Ludo outside of New York bars, among other adventures…

Paulo's been skating again it seems…


Kobja! (Jacob, Franck & JJ - 2007)

Kobja is Julien Vasmant aka. Jacob de Bercy. Mayor of the spot.

Part of the landscape if you ever went to check out those ledges.

Jacob eventually became a filmer and most notably worked with Tikal and Plex.

He sold Ludo his first ever fisheye.



Click to peep "Patchwork"!


Ludo's first real video, with a well-crafted intro.

Featuring Joseph Biais, Thomas and Benoit Renaux, and footage from Ludo's first trips overseas.


The Acapulco Gold tour (featuring Billy Rohan)

Click to watch!


Barcelona, Geneva and Paris alongside a handful of North Americans, Luidgi with his camera, Ludo joins the big boys' club as Nozbone's intern, and the first of many tours ensued...


"Color Your Memories"

Click to watch "Color Your Memories"!


Ludo's second full-length video featuring a roster still relevant to this day; we're talking Sylvain Tognelli, Valentin Bauer, Guillaume Dulout and Rémy Taveira.

Around the same time, Ludo also made "Rendez-Vous", for Nozbone Skateshop.


"Café Clope" / Nozbone

Click to watch "Café Clope"!

Ludo's second full-length video for Nozbone, with full initiative on everything.

Featuring a deluxe roster : Kévin Rodrigues, Lionel Dominoni, Sam Partaix, Lisa Jacob, Sylvain, Rémy, and Vincent Touzery for a well-deserved last part.



With Mauro Caruso in Gibellina, Sicilia, Ludo directed an enigmatic, conceptual video, all in black and white with a custom-made soundtrack.

An ambitious project, the sequel of which is in the works and should be out sometime in 2019...


Alban's questions


Fred Mortagne


The videographer Ludo picked.

The man from Lyon who directed "Menikmati" for éS, then "Sorry" for Flip ended up inspiring generations of filmmakers after all. That's right, French Fred!


"Echoes From The Road" / Antiz

Click to watch!

Antiz is part of Ludo's family; they've been touring France and Europe together for a decade.

"Echoes From The Road" is their latest joint effort, oneiric and poetic...


Rémy Taveira / "Color Your Memories"

Same thing!

Ludo's pick, and it had to be as Rémy's always been on his trips.

Ludo and Rémy go a long way; this video is a great representation of their collaboration.


Arto Saari / "Sorry"

Well you should already know this one, but still.

Ludo's pick for a part he still enjoys watching to this day.

Peak Arto Saari from the style to the tricks, the switch stance, the song…


Mark Gonzales (with Benjamin & Mark at the Eiffel Tower)

Ph.: Benjamin Deberdt


Benjamin Deberdt has told us this story before, but we just can't get over it (more under Bigger Spin form, here)!

A young Ludo came down to Trocadéro to film Mark Gonzales and his Circle Board, a rare and life-changing event.


Ludo is on Vimeo, on Dailymotion and sometimes on Instagram.

See you soon for more things Big Spin!
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