The Northern Co. / Summer NYC / galerie

Photos: Tim Dodson

Texte: Colin Read

“This July, Jesse Narvaez and new Northern Co. rider Tobin Valverde flew from San Francisco to New York City for ten days to skate with Matt Town and Mike Lent, their east coast counterparts. Tim Dodson and Ben Kilpatrick also hopped over from Cali to shoot photos and roll with the crew.
To sum up the time we all spent skating together and filming for this project:
Jesse vomited multiple times while trying the last trick in his section.
Tim fell in love.
Tobin was poisoned by Mediterranean hot sauce, turning his face and lips purple.
Matt got cornrows.
And I got strangled in a bar fight; Tobin and Jesse pulled the guy off me so hard that his ring sliced the whole way around the back of my neck, giving me a scar forever.
It was fun…”

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