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Malacca alert!

Most anyone having been following the worldwide independent skate scene (or maybe even LIVE!) probably hasn't escaped the heat of Jakarta, Indonesia-based Malacca Skateboards' boiling steam from the past couple of years; if you're one exception, though, we can only recommend you to catch up via "KHIDMAT" or "MALACCA 2020", both remarkable video pieces at the time and now still, in terms of both quality and inspiration. It seems to be the posse's default mode to honor their local spots with some particularly intense care, energy and a very certain lean towards fine taste.

This new no-less-than-a-full-length, "SELEKTA", only confirms such an impression; once again handicrafted by the Malaka Sari Film Production crew. The soundtrack too is typically Indonesian; a slice of culture one owes to Diskoria Selekta, also justifying the project title! Roughly twenty minutes of VX and exposed film that are bound to take you on a trip - at least to your own next spot, if anywhere.


Remember Rayis Bisyir's stellar Sony VX-1000 edits out Jakarta, Indonesia for the local Malacca Skateboards, or Workshop Skate Orchestra with "KHIDMAT"? The luckiest of you may have caught a screening or two sometime during Sergej Vutuc's itinerant festival, Roundabout, even. Well, it is with great pleasure that today, LIVE can announce his great return and present his latest works: "MELLOW" is one more impeccable, eight-minute Mini-DV-meets-Super-8 piece - this time featuring the urban skate talents of Rubianda Rachman aka. Rubi Anda, one smooth operator with some floaty backside ollies, unique body language and a keen eye for interesting spot selection and interpretation; all set to a, well, mellow soundtrack (that does get a bit angstier later on, as noise from the Seventh Chamber starts kicking in), and video work so pristine it really isn't without paying due respect to perceptible inspirations such as Zach ChamberlinColin Read or Far East Skate Network.

Flight 714 for Jakarta

Malacca is a brand bound to subvert some expectations, as it's not from the eponymous city in Malaysia but from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.

The country altogether has a strong scene, yet not many productions get seen overseas, most notably due to the language barrier possibly complicating the process of looking them up. But here, that very wrong is fixed, and masterfully, too, "MALACCA 2020" is a straight shooter that ticks all the right boxes: creative VX-1000 manipulation, inspired and precise editing, a variety of styles and unique-looking spots, a lot of them on the crazy side (such as that driveway into traffic), all packed together in one nine-minute-strong uppercut.

Malacca first and foremost consists in four longtime skaters with the Malaka Sari spot as their common denominator - and the name also doubles up as a reference to the local Malacca tree. Since the inception of the brand last year, Rayis Bisyir has been handling everything video production (all the while his brother Syiddik and their friend Sean Sebastian take care of the business side), and Adhi the graphics; their drive is to "bring their take on Nusantarian aesthetics onto the scene". Deo Nashdra, Rendy Aldiansyah, Aldy Renaldy and Dio Satriangga happen to represent that heritage on wheels.

Soundtrack is also home-made, by Danger Dope.

As passionate as they are, the crew also sent us a selection of photography by Ekoy Satria, Haydr Suhardy, Under-G and Didi, featured as a gallery on this page.

In order to stay in touch with the Indonesian skate scene, LIVE suggests that you follow Canister Skateboard Zine, operated out of Malang by Ari Ck since late 2014; Malacca would also advise the more local Pavement Mag, as well as Wonder Skateboarding.

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