Alain Goikoetxea


Javier Sarmiento's name should at least be recognized by whoever claiming to be a skateboarder nowadays, as the man is a renowned street tech pioneer who's been pushing his art ever since the nineties. Strong of smooth style, impeccable switch prowess and some of the most beautiful flip tricks ever delivered (his switch 360 flip is especially timeless), Javier used to skate for Powell, then The Firm with Matt Beach, éS at its heyday and currently represents Sk8Mafia Skateboards. He's been a longtime Barcelona resident and this compilation of lost footage dating as far back as 2000 can only attest of that fact; the ledges get graced by a classic style and the clips from a tape only recovered recently, eighteen years after its use, making for just another display of Javier's timelessness!

Goin' West!

Here is a trip to the land of gigantic ditches, quite the unusual terrain for the European chapter of Volcom. Netherless, do they rip it! Then again, that crew is quite on point… Let's note that Aaron Suski does a bit more than showing them spots, and he is always a pleasure to watch skate!

Fine wine

Enjoying downpours in Barcelona is one thing, but that stopped us from telling you what must have been a Spanish skateboarding milestone, on Monday, IE Alain Goikoetxea's insane part! Raised on the first generation of Spanish skateparks, Alain has been one of the Iberic figures, and the proud representative of his Basque country, for… For ever!? Which doesn't stop him from skating like that, nowadays! As Charles said, you could even qualify the whole thing as "cardielesc"! Let's just say that even if vast concrete transitions aren't really your cup of tea, Alain will still blow your mind!

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