Austin Kanfoush


A little more "street style" follow-up to last week edit of the antiheroes by contract gang, that stays, rest assured, all terrain gnarly, notably via an on fire Daan. And it is even approved by the Police on Bicycles of Murika!

No beauty…

Only Beasts! Puns aside, great mood and a big sesh at that one DIY spot on the outskirts of S.F… If this does not get you itchy to get out of town this week-end and go meet another crew somewhere, well, what are we supposed to?

Reclaim the streets

Join in for a not so bucolic cruise around the streets of San Francisco, as seen through the eyes of the skaters that most likely experience it more than their average neighbor, and also a demonstration of what it is to be a skateboarder (not just being skateboarding, surprisingly enough…) by that one Julien Stranger guy. We will have a Monday test on gentrification of the city, please do your own researches this week-end!

Dat collab' ya need!

In the "couple made in Heaven" category, the Antihero / Volcom combo is up there, that's for sure. And if Daan and Grant annihilate those poor New Jersey pools, on the street side of things, Austin Kanfoush might steal the shoe here, notably with that Mach 2 line on ground that looks like grip tape or something…

Dat raw raw!

Some déjà vu moments, and not editing effects whatsoever: just killer skating in baggy clothes!

Charles' tip: Austin Kanfoush!

"The raw side of the Force!" He sure does not go in for subtleties –to the point that men, women and children run away from him– but you can't deny the sheer power in everything he does!



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