Ben Raemers

Of London mixtape

To celebrate the launch, tonight in London, of the local version of the De Paris Yearbook, here is some sort of equivalent in moving pictures, with a good slice of all you like to watch on the disjointed bricks of the Empire capitol…

Tranny life…

This joint part of Ben Raemers and Horsey would already be a great reminder of why it is a good thing to be well rounded, as it allows you to have fun everywhere –which is a great thing– but, in case you weren't aware, it will make you realize why Raemers just turned pro, in one fantastic last trick!


In place

A little Who's Who of San Jose skateboarding, this edit is a nugget in terms of "homie vid'"… And, yes, Suciu does have a mini part in there, don't worry!

Cons Space Paris

A moving images type of flashback from the Cons Space Paris, with great skating from the locs as well as the guests of honor!


We could feel you were in need of some Suciu, and a bit shaky, weren't you? Well, here you go, this should help you out to cope another week, as he is rolling with the Who's Who of San Jose's new generation.

Mr Boom Boom

Now this an interesting day, as –on the very opposite of the spectrum from Christian Zemp– a Ben Raemers part just came out, a sort of permanent explosion of spontaneity! The best part about it being his capacity to skate absolutely anything crossing his path, even if it's just to hurt himself badly while messing about…


Dr Street

Let's say that with that kind of casting, you cannot really go wrong, but let's note the slow metamorphosis of Mike Anderson into Jason Jessee, and mainly the return to fine form of Doctor Z, or Mister Bassett, who seems to go through a second youth since his switch to Expedition One and Converse! That kickflip, now, come on! Dare we say it has something "Cardielesque"!?

Tunnel Vision

Many good things, here, as expected, since San Jose keeps offering the world amazing skateboarders year after year (all quite different, noticeably!), and yes, Suciu steals the show once again with a few tricks defying logic (how many hours of footage has he put out since January?), but let’s note the young Bandon Nguyen –in one SF line and one spot attacked the other way around– change the “stuntman” general perception that has been attached to him…

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