Bert Wootton

Wootton alert!

So, where are we? Twenty eight parts in the past three years? Maybe more? As expected, the kind of skating you can only like on spots that a) ask for an idea and b) demand the ability to adapt. The ultimate proof would be that final trick, that should make Ed Templeton proud!



While waiting for an in-depth interview that will explain us the deep reasoning behind the fact of changing your first name when over 25, we can just press "replay" all week-end, as the brand new "Rob" follows the path beaten by "Bert" when it comes to the skateboard… Complex while simple, all this.


Raymond Molinar doesn't let down his phone anymore, does he? The good thing is he does share his buddy footage with all of us! Knowing that the homies can count Heath Kirchart or Bert Wootton, one can only rejoice from his new addiction!

The eye

In the "productive" category, he isn't bad at all, that Bert Wootton guy! Six minutes of footage, and a lot, and we mean A LOT of incredible spots, always used smartly! This should fuel your fire for a bit…


Charles' tip: Bert Wootton (once again!)

"So, this is supposed to just be leftovers from a coming part!? How productive is he, really? And every spot is insane. He also got a little Tim O'Connor thing going on, doesn't he?" Productivity and O'Connor don't really rhyme in our book, but we can only agree whit the rest Charles got to say!


Woot, woot!!!

Charles had warned you about a month ago, but this is some serious wake up call / slap in the face! This guy skates it all, and doesn’t believe in half-assing, or so it seems… He’s good and angry! This Cosmic Vomit 2 video seems like a necessary investment to us…


Charles' tip: Bert Wootton

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “Isn’t that Bert Wootton pure class? A real good use of the Beastie Boys, hauling ass at spots and you’re always hard pressed to tell what he’s about to do beforehand.”
This Cosmic Vomit 2 is worth getting the DVD, we say!


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