Brian Downey

Scum of the hills

The guys from Scumco and Sons came out of the East Coast to enjoy a trip to San Francisco. They take the opportunity to remind us that there are many ways to skate SF beyond what we usually see. From butchering huge sets of stairs, or engaged wallrides, to tech grinds and manuals in addition to the famous hill bombs, everything goes!

Taylor alert!

Looks like Valencia is quickly becoming a hit destination, and for good reasons… Here the crew is American, apart from a Dom Henry on top of his game, and the skating is top notch, but here, mister Nawrocki is the one that will stay branded in your tired and saturated brain! Power and technique, put to a good use: it's all here!

Heaven on Earth

Where we find out that a dude can still skate like a beast, while killing the nickname game by going as "Catnip", as John Montessi can still be found going at it out there, when Jimmy Lannon recently one-upped a young Mike V, by doing more than just running though a graveyard… What a morning!

Made in the garage

As many are discussing the Jenkem article about independent brands and their importance, this Scumco & Sons production drops at a perfect time! This company based in Pennsylvania is an excellent example of creativity and “made home”, far from Chinese factories, and their team is a direct extension of that school of thinking.

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