Devon Connell

A steady diet of bricks!

You have heard the name Devon Connell mentioned here more than once, here, and always for a good reason, and this part here, shared with a buddy that skates quite differently, is to be added to the list of why we dig him, including that rather unhealthy attraction for the least smooth surfaces… Add a couple classy featurings, and you're good to go!

Wetzel alert!

Always abrasive in his approach, that Mark Wetzel dude, and never taking the beaten path, unless it leads to the perfect non-spot! Then again, you don't really ride for Traffic for no reason! A small dose, as an appetizer for more soon, maybe?

Brick Brothers

The friends section of the recent Politic video is obviously heavy on Jersey neighbours, Quim Cardona included, and therefore in red bricks spots, also… Yep, it has quite the similarities with our very own North.

Caste Quality / Installment 06

People, rejoice: our good friends at Caste Quality decided to celebrate another clothing installment with this edit documenting skateboarding in Philadelphia, captured by a Chris Mulhern at his best! Basically, all you want to see, shown the way it should be… Don't forget to follow and support, here!


We have mentionned Walt Wolfe and Devon Connell quite often, and for good reasons, and this dual edit for both Politic and the shop Exit is no dissapointment… Philadelphia at its best, under the vintage style scrutinity of Chris Mulhern, to top it off!


The Sabotage crew always "keeps it real" as you might say, and once again, they deliver here. Let's note Ishod Wair's line that could pass as a nod to the one of Jason Dill in Photosynthesis, or just be a great idea a day of boredom at an annoying spot. Whatever is the case, we like…

Chris' Tip: Ming Kong's Revenge

Today, it is Chris Fireoved, from Caste Quality fame, that gives us a tip! Many Philly and Washington DC heads we've talked to you about, plus many, many others? Check it out!

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