Color Fools, full video!

You can now watch the full length in its entirety, and not part by part, and this does not give you the itch to search for spots under the sun, for the length of the summer, we just don't get it!

Color Fools / Blue Fool / Julien Paccard

The sixth part of Color Fools is a bit more special, as it is the one that started it all! Julien Paccard had first decided to tackle himself the challenge of filming a full part on naturally blue spots only, as he was telling us a little while ago, before dragging in a whole gang of reckless fools in the mix… So, yes, this Blue Fool is the film maker behind the whole thing, and the least you can say is that filming his seven associates did not slow him down for his own personal mission! The part also features a custom track from Matias Elichabehere… Go on, Blue Boy!
Follow the whole project, supported by Posca, here!

Color Fools / White Fool / Marc Leblanc

Who would have been better to kick start the project than Marc Leblanc, with the White Fool part? An old friend of Julien, the mind behind Color Fools, he still managed to film a full part on white spots only, despite an heavy schedule… In terms of motivation, he is quite up there. About Marc, Julien told us that: "He is the guy that does the most nose manuals I know… He's tech and hates no-comply's but still has a couple in his part. He's not a Fool for nothing! He films better than anyone with a VX, way better than I do, actually… He's been living in Annecy for about ten years, and is the one of us that traveled the less, since he's got a wife, a kid, and also travels the world to film George Clooney for his company. Seriously!" Marc is quite the boss, let's say it!

Color Fools, 5 W's!

While waiting for the premiere tomorrow in Annecy, and for the first part to drop online on Monday, Julien Paccard tells us more about his quite unique project…


Expect a Julien Paccard interview explaining the whole project soon, the premiere in Annecy Saturday, hosted by Art By Friends, and the parts to start unfolding from April 6th. Meanwhile, here is the official trailer for Color Fools. To each his own color!

Color Fools / coming soon!

A year and a half to search for spots, and try to skate them… That could be your classic formula to "do a video". Apart from one little detail: that color thing!

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