Fred Mortagne

JB Gillet X Fred Mortagne X Hôtel de Ville

Now that's a winning combo, and a great excuse to count the years with Fred!

Fred Mortagne and "Hybridation" 5 W’s!

Fred discusses his Hybridation project, and more, here…


Fred Mortagne never stops, and his most recent project Hybridation is about to drop online!

Girl Skateboards x Ed Banger Records bring you Sean Malto, a French Fred Remix

As a world exclusive, here is Sean Malto's part from Pretty Sweet, remixed by Fred Mortagne! Just for you, on Live Skateboard Media…

In Dreams…

For those too young to know, Thomas Campbell, recognized painter and filmmaker, made his first moves behind a movie camera by putting out A Love Supreme for the notorious NYC skateshop, his very own hymn to the now long gone New York nineties. Never where you expect him, he has since made himself quite the name for his full-length surf movies, all shot on film… But, it seems that he’s back documenting skateboarding, an activity he never gave up practicing.

Fred Mortagne and Flo Mirtain suck!

Another episode of the Megamix saga…

Megamix… 5 W's!

Well, the main question being: what the hell is Megamix supposed to be!??

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