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All right, so Monday is off, and this should put the fire in you: the homies, buddies, friends and bros section from our Parisii remix… Three years of skating around Paris amounts to a rather large group of people joining the sesh. Hell, you can even spot a couple world renown dudes in there, oh and that guy Rémy Taveira. And République getting built! All under the musical supervision of another Parisii head, Vincent Perrin!


We've been following and mentioning Julian Klein since his Parisii featuring, as he is the productive kind, but here he tops himself with a long part that is so varied that it should make you re-watch more than a couple times some well thought/well executed tricks!



Collabos can be cool, but Atlas skateshop is involved, you know it's taking another level! And, no, Mark Suciu isn't the only one getting some shine, here…


Young Julian Klein registers under the "buddy" category, which doesn't stop him from actually being good at skateboarding, as a previous part demonstrated a few weeks ago! Here is the follow-up, consisting of "throwaway" that are technical yet powerful, and sometimes protected from sun rays by mean sunglasses!


Salut, Julian!

Julian Klein spent some time in Paris last summer, with his friend Mark Suciu, and left a rather good impression. Therefore, everybody here will rejoice to see him put together a full part for Atlas! It does miss a couple tricks in Paris, Julian…



We'll never thank enough Atlas, a Californian skateshop, for this contribution to our campaign in order to get the Parisian skaters out of the renovated République plaza! If only those Suciu lines could give back the exploration bug to the locals…

Of bricks and more

The Atlas skateshop dudes seems to be on the active side, and like to hit the road! This time they ventured a bit further and reached London, where they regrouped with Mark Suciu and Julian Klein fresh off their Paris and Parisii-esque stay… A nice tout of London spots, enjoy!

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