Max Geronzi


The most interesting part with Geronzi is how he transcends all genres, by combining perfectly pure technique to the rawest and most spontaneous take of the streets, therefore being able to convince about everybody, even people that will never land an inward heel in their life! A bit, like… A bit like that Lucas guy, maybe?


So, yeah, #lucassotyeveryyear, yes, Geronzi is at the top of his game, but let's note the confirmation of Karl Salah's "République Mayor" status (a crown handed by Dill, nonetheless…) and way more than than from him!


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Mission: impossible

Make streetpark footage interesting, now that's not an easy task… These guys do! Plus Marseille favourite son/gadfather, Momo is in there!


Casper Brooker and Max Geronzi? We're all for it! Now, send them skate spots we don't see enough of, and we can only say: yes!


For the Nokia Pureviews series, Boris Proust heads back home, to the Togo he grew up in, as a child! He took two buddies that aren't afraid to rip, and were more than able to adapt to the local streets: Maxime Geronzi and Flo Mirtain. Yep, they did skate! Now this is a nice trip, that makes you whish you were tagging along. This should get you inspired, if you're already looking into escaping the winter, one way or another…


We just got informed that we massively [BIP] …ed up, by missing on that "homemade" Max Geronzi part, with the beanplant line, the unforgiving and never seen before spots, plus the tech tricks done on a cruiser board, this was major error from our part! Accept your apologies, and enjoy this, if you haven't seen it, yet!


Scene / Perpignan

Not starting with the obvious seemed like a good idea to launch our Scene feature…
Find out about the other Catalan capitol…

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