Nate Pezzillo

Philly alert!

Where we find out some die-hards still skate LOVE park, or should we say its ruins… Oh, and that the city has way more to offer than its classic spot! But that we knew already, thanks to Chris Mulhern amongst others!


"Caste x Traffic", one could just stick to that double stamp of approval, but this Nate Pezzilo part also puts someone on the map, with a relaxed style, combined with absolute precision including on more than rough spots… So, this collab' around the City Hall theme is a bit more than that, with a skater at the top of his game, and a Chris Mulhern at his best, behind the camera and at the editing dock, also. Seriously, do not miss this!

Caste Quality / Installment 06

People, rejoice: our good friends at Caste Quality decided to celebrate another clothing installment with this edit documenting skateboarding in Philadelphia, captured by a Chris Mulhern at his best! Basically, all you want to see, shown the way it should be… Don't forget to follow and support, here!

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