Scott Reid

Faux vintage

They are really on it, at the moment, on the other side of the border! Could Switzerland take the spot that Canada has been holding, lately, in the role of a scene nobody was expecting, smoothly taking over everybody's heart? Time only will tell, but meanwhile, you can enjoy the latest 242 production, and more precisely Jason Singer's baby, from his personal archives to recent footage of the new generation, all given the VHS mixtape treatment… Let's note the "Ouchy" part, reminding us all that at one point of history, a small plaza by the Léman Lake was the European epicenter of tech ledge destruction. Dada represent!

Helvetian tip: "Melanphorie"

So for the last couple days, we've been getting instant messages, DM's and whatever ways people choose to communicate with these days to tell us how great this independent production out of Switzerland is, to the point where we had to give it a go, and believe it or not, but, yep, you should get yourself half an hour and watch Melanphorie, and for many good reasons, including the fact that it will get you a schooling on what is happening these days in Switzerland!

Spiral Reid

Spiral Tribe the latest 242 full-length keeps on dropping online part by part, with this time the honorary Swiss, Scott Reid. Always quick to tie together a lengthy and impeccable line, Scott can also surprise you with more dangerous behavior, while keeping the precision skating that has been his trademark for years, now…

Spiral Tribe / Galerie

Tomorrow, we will present you, as a Live exclusive, a new full length from Switzerland, Spiral Tribe, a 242 skateboards and Redline co-production… Two of the main actors in the country joined forces to compile an hour of the Swiss skating we've grown to like: tech and clean. Prepare yourself to meet the new Helvetian generation, and to also be reminded that the older dogs are still ripping! Oh, and and if you find your self scratching your head at some of the photo in this slide show, be warned that Spiral Tribe might have the best intro kit we have seen in a skate video in, well, in a really long time!

Routine Bondage / VX montage / premiere

Moris Freiburghaus and Matthias Ming recently produced Routine Bondage, the follow-up to their first full length, Creative Freedom, and we offer you today the VX 1000 part of their project, as an exclusive… Not necessarily for the camera used, but mainly because it offers a quite exhaustive tour of a country not that known, really. From experience, the local scene is way more diverse than you would expect, and this montage seemed like a great way to introduce you to the many approaches practiced over there. So, yep, all of Switzerland (well, almost) in 12 minutes, and exclusively today on Live: this is right here, right now!

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