André Larroque

Vega skateshop "I don’t care" / PREMIERE

The VEGA skate team just came back from a trip to Marseille, and they brought back a short video entitled I don’t care, in which the they take time to taste well the Marseilles's concrete, but also meet the local fauna in addition to the few well performed pirouettes with their boards. In any case, the thing we can be sure is that the title was not chosen randomly. 

Rave skateboards, 5 W's!

PJ Chapuis is back, this time with a gang, in order to introduce their latest project: RAVE! Say what!?

PLUS / Berlin / Premiere

The roomies keep on migrating for their summer vacation, this time landing for ten days in Berlin, sharing their sessions between the locals hosting them and other tourists like the  Pop Trading Company boys, which even got them embarked in the Pop Live In Berlin operation… Maybe a hint on where they could go next? Let's note this is edited to a track by the multi-talented Ryan Sublette, also known as Adeodat Warfield.

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