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Just a few days ago, we were presenting you "Tracked Movements", an edit of (nearly) lost Paris skate footage filmed by Franck Pierron at the dusk of the former century that we had put together for the Adidas event Das Days in the City of Lights a few weeks back... Well, our selection of screened films also comprised another original edit: a "best of" type of edit of the footage shot a few years back by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon  for their crazy love child of a project aiming at documenting every spot in every district of the French capital: Parisii. Two years ago, the winning duo had already (somehow) managed to trim those years worth of footage down into a full-length; already quite the commendable feat, so imagine Greg's face when now requested to lay off his young father's duties to get back at it and do even more curating! But he pulled through, resulting in this Best Of Parisii edit we're passing on to you now, as well as some of Greg's words as we also bugged him to answer our 5W's!

LIVE Skateboard Media: How did the idea for this Best Of Parisii come about? In what type of context did you work and how much footage did you have to consider?

Greg Dezecot: The idea with initiated by Benjamin who ordered it for the Das Days LIVE Skateboard Media movie night. He asked Olivier and I if we would be available to edit a best of Parisii montage of those years. Olivier was on a trip then, so I had to handle it by myself. I had to dig through about four or five years worth of footage.

"I kept the chapter-per-district pacing for the edit to represent the essence of the original idea of the project"

LSM: How much time did you have left when the time to edit came about? As a young father with a job and responsabilties, how could you make it?
Greg: I probably started editing about a week or two prior to the deadline, which is super short especially considering my duties as far as my job and kid, I'm a freelancing video editor and of course I was also busy with side gigs for that at the time...
When you have a two-year-old kid, you're stoked to get to see him and spend time with him when you come back home from work, so you can't really work on anything. A child needs your entire attention when they're that young, plus you use up a lot of energy taking care of them. So I could only work when he was asleep, which resulted in being on the computer just for this project from ten to midnight every single night before the deadline.

Greg filming Glen Fox. Ph.: Benjamin Deberdt
LSM: The editing is pretty ambitious in itself all the while succeeding at encapsulating the entire Parisii years-long saga into one five-minute clip... Why this final selection of footage and skaters, what did you try to focus on conveying and did you make a point to keep the edit divided in chapters for each district of Paris?
Greg: Yes, again we're talking four years of footage at the very least. I really had to trim it down.
I kept the chapter-per-district pacing for the edit to represent the essence of the original idea of the project.
As far as the tricks, I really picked what I liked the best, and tried to showcase as many of the skaters who ever were involved in Parisii as possible.
My original selection of keepers was a lot longer than what Benjamin was looking for, actually. He was looking for a three-minute edit, so I went ahead and trimmed my original selection even further down and we ended up agreeing on this five-minute format.
LSM: Who helped you out on the editing, the soundtrack?
Greg: As I was saying, the editing was all me this time around.
As far as the soundtrack, I once again got in touch with the great Vincent Perrin, a skater and musician from Paris who had already written the score for the Parisii Remix full-length we dropped in 2016. This time around, the track is by one of his bands: Carquois.

Greg, 2013. Ph.: Benjamin Deberdt
LSM: Where and in which context did the screening go down? Did you get any feedback, what were the reactions like?
Greg: The screening was just on canal Saint Martin, I really liked the program, it really did a great job capturing the vibe of the Paris scene throughout the decades. A great initiative Benjamin handled masterfully.
The audience was transgenerational yet we got reactions from everybody, people were super receptive. The O.G.'s got the spark of the Parisii vibes back, and the younger generations were introduced to Parisii for the most part and were into it!
I got some great feedback which is satisfying after so many years of effort. Someone even told me they would rewatch all the Parisii episodes again - mission complete!
Thanks to Adidas and Live for such an event, I really enjoyed going through all those years of my life again and also huge shouts out to Olivier for always following me throughout this insane adventure Parisii was.

Olivier Fanchon and Mathias Labelle mid-wallie, 2013. Ph.: Greg Dezecot
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