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Portrait and interview: Benjamin Deberdt

 Benjamin Deberdt

Every day comes with its share of suck and its part of luck… Those are the experiences that shape us slowly, or way too quickly sometimes. Here is a new feature to try to get real life answers from our favorite skateboarders.
And why not start with Cairo Foster, a man who has build a more than respectable career by just being himself, IE a really good skateboarder not afraid to put in work when necessary. From the land of Egypt where he lived as an expat child to being a dad, Cairo (yep, it is a nickname…) has seen our world change more than once, so let’s poke his brain for a second.

Best decision you have taken recently?
I can't say whether it's been the best decision, but I have been focusing more energies on working within skating, which includes riding my board more, being more active with my sponsors through communication, and doing my best to skate with my teammates.

Worst advice you've ever been given?
Well… Bad advice turns into good life experience because you end up learning something the hard way.

Best city in Europe to wake up in?
I recently went back to Barcelona… And was blown away with all the spots we came upon. That city is still a skateboarding Mecca. This last time, I didn't party, but I know it's also a great city for that stuff.

Worst song to wake up to?
Pretty much any song is a rough song to wake up to because I prefer to wake up without an alarm clock, or anything else along those lines.

Best music tip you've ever been given?
When I lived in Egypt, my friend Ruvan had me listen to the Descendents, which opened my eyes to the world of music that I like now.

Worst live show experience?
Built to Spill… Saw them in San Francisco on the fourth night of their stop in town. I was completely let down and vowed never to see them again. I may get around to seeing them, though, because a lot of my friends have seen them since and had good things to say about their shows. Just a rule of thumb: avoid the last night of a multi-day stop.

 Oliver Barton

Backside nosebluntslide. photo: Oliver Barton

Worst trend skateboarding has suffered?
Every trend comes and goes, and with each passing skateboarding endures. As long as we adhere to what means the most to us, we will be fine.

Best scenario for a session?
Being able to skate San Francisco again around the time I had moved there…1998.

Worst way to start a skateboarding day?
Realizing you didn't bring your board in the car when you get to a spot.

Best feeling video part for you to watch?
Rick Howard’s parts from the Plan B era…

Worst roommate ever to have on a trip?
Anyone who snores so loud that they wake me up… And I'm a heavy sleeper.

Best way to spend a rainy day?
With a good friend.

Worst book you ever took on a trip?
An unread book… It just wastes space in my bag.

Best thing to do after a long skating day?
Taking a hot shower or soaking in a hot tub.

Worst question you've ever been asked in an interview?
Every question has its time and place.

Let’s tuck this up nicely by re-watching, or discovering, Cairo part in TWS The Reason, where you can see him rip the streets of San Francisco, with his buddy Kenny Reed, to the sweet sounds of… Built To Spill!

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