Best & Worst: Kyron Davis!

Portrait and interview: Benjamin Deberdt

"Stop being a wasteman!"

We were waiting for his Grey part, and were not disappointed by it, to say the least… Considering he was thousands of miles away from home, it was hard to really get you the full story on Kyron, so we settled down to a quick mind squeeze, in hope to get to know the young Londoner a bit more!

Worst thing about waking up in Rio?
Umm, there's actually not one bad thing. The people are super cool and it's hot as fuck. I can't complain!

Best souvenir to bring that from a trip?
Fridge magnets.

Worst moment you ever had, when being abroad, far from home?
I've not had too many. The worst is being stranded after a night out, with no money, no phone and no clue where you are going. This has happened a few times.

Best thing about having a dad that actually skated?
Best thing is that he understands the lifestyle.

Worst cliché you ever heard about being a sponsored skateboarder?
That you're skating 90% of the time and the other 10% are spent traveling. It's actually 80% traveling and 20% actually skateboarding.

 Henry Kingsford

Kickflip, riding out over the red bench. photo: Henry Kingsford

Best thing you have learned from Jérémie Daclin so far?
I've learnt more about wine, and the French.

Worst misconception people have about living in London, you think?
Umm, probably that the people are assholes. But most of the people are actually mellow.

Best thing going on in London at the moment, skating wise?
Just the general skating. Everyone's killing it. Tom Knox, Nick Jensen and the other Isle guys are ripping.

Worst case scenario for a London night?
[Laughter] I'm not too sure. Probably shitting yourself on the way to the bar. That would suck…

Best tip you would give to a five years younger you?
Fix up. Stop being a wasteman!

Considering this Grey part, it's fair to say young Kyron has been listening:

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