Best & Worst: Mark Suciu

Portrait: Patrick Beaudouin
Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

Every day comes with its share of suck and its part of luck… Those are the experiences that shape us slowly, or way too quickly sometimes. Here is a new feature to try to get real life answers from our favorite skateboarders.
Recently, young Mark was in Paris, with a couple friends in his luggage, and only one mission: discover the city, its spots included. We managed to catch up with him, for a couple questions, he did answer… in French! The result of six years of classes, it seems, but also the sign of a sharp mind, as even his skating demonstrate. Study his parts and you’ll find many references to his elders, and also a potential to analyze spots quite unmatched…
You know already, but Mark Suciu is the future.

Best way to travel: small crew or big tour?
It’s best with two or three really good friends, that way it’s perfect for going to spots, doing touristy things, and going out at night.

Worst advice you heard before heading to Europe?
Someone told me I shouldn’t look French girls in the eyes.

Best experience here, so far?
My friends violently capturing a gypsy kid who had just stolen my friend’s phone.

Worst food you've had here?
Halal, but it’s so good usually.

Best European skater, at least for you?
Lucas Puig.

Worst thing about being an up and coming skater in this internet age?
The publicity.

Best session you ever had, for whatever reason?
The session when I learned tre flips, I must have been 13.

Worst time of the day to skate, for you?
The morning, definitely.

Best trick ever done on Love fountain gap?
Anthony Pappalardo’s switch flip.

Worst trend in skating you've witnessed, personally?
I think it's pretty annoying when people wear really fashionable clothes while skating.

Let’s tuck this up nicely by re-watching, or discovering, his Transcontinental solo part, which was quite a launch for 2012, from the Mike Carroll inspired lines in San Francisco to its final varial heel, a nod to the one Tim O’Connor landed but let go many years before.

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