Best & Worst: Palace in L.A.

It’s been a long time coming, since that Niggaz Wit Altitude trailer… Well, six months to be exact. Palace skateboards is not about stuffing you with a daily dose of what’s lying around, but more about showing you what you need to see.
Well, here it is, finally, the results of an Los Angeles trip, the skateboard capitol of the world, as well as the largest unidentified object (let’s be frank, it does not qualify as city) on this planet. We thought it’d be a good excuse to hit up the mastermind behind all this organized mayhem, Levent Tanju. Monsieur Palace speaks L.A.

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

Worst time of the year to visit LA?
Hmm, I dunno really? There always a good time for sunshine, nice food, fake boobs and outstanding ganja-bush.

Best host to have over there?
Andrew Brophy, Mike O’Meally and Greg Hunt. They looked after us on separate occasions and we had a fucking great time. Carroll picked us up and drove us to his skatepark in his dope car; that was fun too.

Worst “great idea” you guys had before going there?
“Lets not take a photographer”

Best spot you guys skated there?
All the shit ones.

Worst experience of a famous spot being shit in real life?
We didn’t really go to any famous shit, we didn’t have a car all the time. We rented a dope Jeep for a bit, though.

Best thing you’ve heard during your stay?
O’Meally telling me that some lame skate midget guy from England had been talking shit on me.

Worst Palace rider to have near you in an English speaking country?
They all fine in English speaking countries.

Best thing about California weed?
The strength and accessibility.

Worst moment of the whole trip?
None, really.

Best advice you could give to skaters day-dreaming about LA?
Make sure you can drive.

Let’s wait no more, here is the gangsta shit you been waiting for:

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