Bigger Spin / EP 007 - Joseph Biais

The latest guest on the French skate podcast Big Spin is none other than a Joseph Biais strong of the opportunity to share his new web part, "Wavy", with you - another clip by a Romain Batard ("Giddy") who apparently never sleeps and never slips. Put the interview on, pump up the volume and enjoy the harmonious intertwining of Joseph, Sébastien Charlot et Arnaud Dedieu's respectively suave voices literally reinventing the French language, as your eyes skim through the following article in which the little kid formerly destined to be a Pierre Richard doppelgänger (he knows), now all grown up, narrates his own story, to the pace of the links and images punctuating the text below.



Romain and Joseph.

Joseph starts out his interview by a description of the concept behind his new web part.

A rippling collaboration with Romain Batard #behindthelens (.fr).


Philippe Amar

Despite the man's shyness, Philippe Amar's name was on a lot of people's lips back in the early- to mid-naughts.

Joseph bought a second-hand deck off him, once.

The pride of a lifetime.


Vincent Bressol

The first real life pro skater Joseph ever saw at le Dôme ; a Dôme he's recounted his first ever encounter with to us before, here!

A memorable event.


Nicolas Eustache & Rare skateboards

Nicolas is a French board culture superhero of sorts.

He was an unbelievable skateboarder, and founded the French company Rare skateboards along with a few mates of his, half a dozen eons back.

He's seen on this photo alongside part of the original roster: Tristan Badoual (the graphist artist), ? (sorry), Nicolas, Fred Constant, Michael Mackrodt (who wasn't on Rare) and Christophe Picquart.


Rare "Story Board"

You know what to do by now

"Story Board", the Rare video, came out back in 2005 and starred the entirety of Joseph's skate crew, which he himself had been part of for two years at that point.

Jojo used the opportunity to get around all throughout France, and watch skate videos in bars and shops.


The Battle of Normandy

Rare entered the Battle of Normandy French video comp back in 2006 and then, the crew spent a week on the road while David Couliau documented everything.


Ludo Azemar

You've most likely seen Ludo's work already, but maybe not the man's face.

Ludo went to NYC to film with Joseph, in between many Antiz trips and his clip of Mark Gonzales at the Eiffel Tower - that being another story of its own, recounted by Benjamin Deberdt in his own Bigger Spin, here!


Loïc Benoit

A prolific photographer from Lyon, former Vans team manager and a key figure behind many a event.

Match with him on Tinder, follow him on Instagram.



Jake Johnson (see below...)

Austyn Gillette.

Mike Arnold.

Rémy Taveira.


Joseph's all-time video part pick: Jake Johnson in Alien Workshop's "Mind Field".

Jake always gets Joseph hyped to skate, apparently!


He will bury us all: @anyskate

Joe Moore aka. @anyskate is 50k strong and the proud owner of a vision of skateboarding that is artistic, choregraphic and artlessly goofy.

A tortured genius of sorts from Leeds, UK.



"Ma Vidéo", the SuGaR magazine video contest

Click here to watch the video Joseph sent in back in 2002 for "Ma Vidéo", a sponsor-me tape contest organized by the French SuGaR Skateboard Magazine (Vivien Feil won).

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