Bigger Spin / EP 008 - Alix Malnati & Shani Bru


French skate podcast Big Spin is proud to have hosted two blossoming young women as skateboarding's representatives on the latest edition of their show. Alix Malnati and Shani Bru's voices make for an audible breeze of fresh air in a practice populary dominated by testosterone and the occasional macho attitudes, so you better catch that opportunity to listen to what the girls have to say! The satisfaction of skateboarding often comes with the price of a certain social emancipation (for better and for worse), even moreso as a female and this is exactly where individuals like Alix, Shani and hopefully you get to shine, unaffected by peer pressure and well determined to be their true selves, genuinely dedicated to their sincere passion with honesty and no damns given about any potential phantasmal prejudice. Get inspired by their strength (the kind of which you wish you had in your kickflips), and if you can't make any sense out of their delicate sentences due to being unable to grasp the French language then fear not, this Bigger Spin article comes to the rescue and punctuates their stories with photo et video illustrations. All you need is love!




Bob Burnquist's Bergerac Backyard Barn


Only one of the aforementioned B's is true.

Anyway, this is where it all began for Shani: a crew of homies, a skateable area, and there she goes and first steps on a skateboard herself as an effort to make those wednesday afternoons a little less boring. Acting is more fun than watching.

She was prompt to catch national TV channel France 3's attention…


The infamous Bowl de la Muette



Alix's first experiences skating something merely resembling transition (if you know, you know) occured at the infamous Bowl de la Muette, before it got rebuilt and painted over even (hopefully this paragraph doesn't rub the spot's most fervent enthusiast, Fabien Le Toullec's feathers!).

Not too long after which, the streets and Balargue started calling her name...


Balargue skateshop



Alix's second family; Tao is the quiet uncle, when Hadrien aka. @thetrumanburbank is the hyper cousin.

Thomas and Cyril are part of the picture too, just quieter in the back...








Grazia is a women's magazine (whatever that means) that has interviewed Shani and Alix in the past, and managed to highlight the totally wrong points in their message.

Two great stints of poor journalism.







Curren Caples



A young handsome devil Alix has brought up, and denied having brought up a couple of times.

He's admittedly pretty decent on the shred sled, and not just riding the wave of his good looks.



Alix and Shani's video part pick: Lizzie Armanto


The twenty-five-year-old Californian woman just stole the show by having Alix and Shani both agree on her "Fire" part as their video pick for their interview.



Shani's pick: Pedro Barros




powerful and stylish transition skater who's way up there on Shani's lips.


Alix's pick: Lacey Baker


More of a raw street rat, Lacey Baker is Alix's skater of choice, not after many self-deliberations.




The "Spirit Quest" bonus (thanks to Alix's friend)


Skateboarding's greatest must-see video of the recent times.

The whole film is beautifully crafted comprising fresh ideas, sharp editing, incredible skateboarding, the soundtrack...


Click to fall into the Spirit Quest vortex


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