Bigger Spin / EP 009 - Sam Partaix

After many years of presence on the scene, the choice of Samuel Partaix for the guest of the latest episode of the French Big Spin Podcast was an obvious one.
On Seb Chalot and Arnaud Dedieu's show, Sam shares stories pertaining to all things from his early years skateboarding to the skateshop he once opened in Tours with his mother, when he isn't recounting his life in Biarritz and more. This usual Bigger Spin article on LIVE Skateboard Media once again highlights the main subjects, and illustrates them with links aplenty!


Valenciennes' Phoenix

The place where it all began for Sam.

Valenciennes is a city of 368,000 located in the North region of France, barely a few pints away from Belgium.



A renowned board company founded in Lyon twenty years ago that made for a punk counterpoint to Cliché, pretty much.

Sam was super young when he first started hanging out with the guys and going on trips with them; nowadays, he's one of the OG's on the team. Talk about a long story!

"Z-Movie", Sam's part from which stands just above, was his breakthrough moment.

He was then young with a bright future and a fresh body he was just about ready to throw down heaps of stuff.


Skate Pistols

Skate Pistols was Sam's skateshop in Tours, France, an operation he ran with assistance from his mom over the span of three years.

A dope initiative that also resulted in this rad local full-length video by Greg Dezecot and Romain Batard.


Oregon times with Antiz

Skating for Antiz will take you all around the country, but also beyond; to Oregon in this case, due to the local abundance of concrete bowls in the North-West of the U.S.

Click to peep what ensued!

ph: Loïc Benoit


Paul Labadie

Last minute photo shamelessly borrowed from A Propos Skatemag, click here to read their interview with Paul!

Sam's flatmate for a while, he was the original Antiz filmer.

He's seen a lot, filmed most of it, and knows more secrets than most. A Big Spin guest one day?


Steve Forstner (Nega-Steve)

Strong of Austrian roots with a U.S. touch, Steve lived in Lyon then in Berlin for a while. He wouldn't be out skating much, though, because his thing was to hit the gnarliest stuff, so he would quite frequently be out.

A glimpse at those clips, and you'll get a better picture...



One of the most popular French low-cost phone service providers.

A very helpful sponsor to Sam who can call his girlfriend all the way from Oregon. Sosh's been organizing events with funny concepts and took Sam everywhere from New York to Australia...


Sam televised

But part of such a mainstream deal also implies getting to talk about skateboarding to a much wider audience.


Phil Zwijsen - 174,013 views

Sam wasn't without bringing up Instagram and, most notably, this Phil Zwijsen clip.


If Sam had to pick just one video part?

Erick Winkowski's most recent effort definitely marked Sam's soul. Shaped boards, modern skating, rad mix.


... And just one skateboarder?

The perfect match: Julian Furones.

Originally from Spain, he skated for Antiz for a while, was born in Lleida, was part of the Badalona crew throughout the naughts, has incredible style and skills on a skateboard. He's a flourishing photographer now.


Sam is on Instagram, and also shoots photos, in between Antiz trips.


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