Bordeaux Exposure (and Julien Januszkiewicz) 5 W’s!

Interview: Benjamin Deberdt

Portrait: Julien Mérour

Bordeaux is a city with one of the most active scenes in France, these days, which makes quite a contrast from its Sleeping Beauty days in terms of skateboarding, a decade ago… Now home to many households names, it is busy with a daily activity that does not necessarily makes the front news, but is actually the “real life” of a city. This is why Bordeaux Exposure seemed interesting to us, and we decided to team up with it.
Meanwhile, here is what its main man had to say about the video…

Who are you?
I am 33, and a chemical engineer. I work in the pharmaceutical industry, doing research and development. I lived in Bordeaux for six years, and I just left all the homies, a month ago, to move to Switzerland, near Geneva.
I skate since when I was 15, even a bit earlier as I started with my brother in 1991 in Mileau (Aveyron) during Bones Brigade and Propaganda days. That lasted two years, then I only got back to it when about 17, 1997, Mouse era, the Girl video. That VHS took a beating! I learned kick flips by watching Sean Sheffey doing switch flips, maybe not the best foot position to emulate! [Laughter] I didn’t even understood what switch meant the first times. My brother is still in it, as he runs Popular Skateshop in Montpellier.

When did you start on this project?
It came as the natural continuation to Days&Nights that I did in 2011, a 35 minutes video that was piecing together my brother’s shop riders with parts from Montpellier, Bordeaux and London, mainly all the people I knew and liked their skating. I did a remix of it, called KEMURI, with only the night footage and some new clips. Since the end of 2011, I kept filming friends and started focusing on the Bordeaux scene that is bursting with motivated guys, and, let’s say it, the city is magnificent. I kept meeting people, as it’s really easy to bump into different crews in one day, so that made things easy to do a video.

What would you cite as inspiration, skateboard video wise?
I get my inspiration from the 90’s, like some parts from Eastern Exposure 3, Zoo York’s Mixtape, Stereo’s A Visual Sound… More recently, Dialogue Between Insiders, Shinpei Ueno’s Lenz, Jeremy Elkin’s Poisonous Product, plus the Magenta and Minuit videos from Yoan Taillandier.

 Jean Feil

Léo Valls, switch frontside bluntslide transfert. photo: Jean Feil

Who did you pick to film with?
Mostly are buddies, but I also like the skating they do, really “street”, and also because they got style! Léo Valls was amped on the project, and he really motivated the troops. So, we do have a lot of the Magenta flow guys, like Masaki Ui, Xavier Benavides and people that were visiting, like Olivier Ente “Tavu”. Connections were made! Vivien Feil also found the time to film a few lines, and I really want to thank him for his support.

Why do another video? Why do Bordeaux Exposure?
I want to show the scene as it is: motivated people that skate the streets, whether they are known, or not. Bordeaux has spots for all kind of skating. And that’s what I like: show the diversity of a city and its skaters. On two square kilometers, you can find ten spots: that’s quite incredible. I want to share the good vibes, and hopefully, after watching it, people will go out with their friends to skate. Nothing more simple!

Stay tuned, Bordeaux Exposure, will go online tomorrow, exclusively on Live. Meanwhile, here is KEMURI, if you had missed out on it:

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