DC meets Sofia

Let's propel off yesterday's post (the full-length video "Lunch") onto another new production by the same author. This time, it is to Sofia, Bulgaria that Krzysztof Godek brings us to, on a trip there with the Polish DC Shoes team. The crew concentrated their effort around one area: the National Palace of Culture, brimming with spots and so many possibilities it's going to be a tough one to hold against them!

All illustrated by the following exclusive photo gallery, shot by Wojtek Antonówdzięki!

Tomek Kotrych - Backside 180 nosegrind

Michał Mazurkiewicz - Frontside noseslide

Tomek Kotrych - Backside kickflip

Tomek Kotrych - Frontside crooks to fakie

Tomek Kotrych - Kickflip to fakie
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