Maybe you remember "Doomed Tapes", the Bordeaux full-length by transplant Pierre Patissou we presented to you alongside a few words from its author here, not that long ago.

"Doom Files" (or "Doomed Files"; we've been told both and are now completely lost) is its direct spiritual successor, still rooted in the same region, featuring many of the same heads. But it looks a lot different now as since "Doom Tapes", Pierre's VX-1000 died and it's now a HD set-up that keeps his heart beating...

Phil "Fifou" Denaes tells us more:

"Last year, Pierre already dropped "Doomed Tapes", a full-length video featuring Bordeaux footage but also clips in Barcelona and Copenhagen.
Many skaters from different backgrounds were featured, most every local was involved, it was fire! Until Pierre's VX died.
I'm his neighbor and hang out at his place a lot, so we naturally started editing together a while back, working on titles, illustrations when he's mostly in charge of the actual editing process himself.
Pierre is always super down to skate and film, whenever; "Doom Files" is the mere logical by-product of such enthusiasm. Same principle, just HD now: film as many people in Bordeaux as one can!
We'll keep dropping edits till his new camera also dies, and then with the next one. We're hooked!"
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