The Dukes' ambassadors

The Nantes, France scene is just another instance of an underrepresented region in worldwide skate media; which doesn't seem to hinder the passion of local filmer Damien Indersie (whose name LIVE's most faithful readership should already be familiar with - and, perhaps, even remember from the Vans Thursday Sessions), not one bit as he keeps producing non stop and the proof is in the pudding here with this mixtape of this year's footage of skateboarder Alan Sanchez, proving to be quite the worthy ambassador of the capital of the Dukes of Brittany but also for skate shoe company Emerica (as well as the resident Banc Public skateshop, formerly of A La Bonne Planchette franchise). Young blood with a day job, indirectly implying that the violence of his skateboarding has remained a hobby to this day. Nobody's complaining and if none of the stars drop south, stay tuned for more about the Damien and Alan duo on LIVE, soon!
 Hugo Zeta
Alan Sanchez, ollie one-foot. Ph.: Hugo Zeta pour Obsession Magazine Nantes
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