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The Elijah Berle Pro Shoe is a new model now available from Vans that's got everything to do with the eponymous skateboarder. For those who need to catch up, Elijah also recently made the switch from Chocolate Skateboards to Fucking Awesome, Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen's company, and appeared in the latest Supreme video (always instant classics, regardless of one's taste), despite having been incapacitated for a while by injuries. A hectic schedule Elijah himself was nice enough to find some time to cover for us, for you, below!

 Jared Sherbert

LIVE Skateboard Media: Describe growing up in Santa Monica; the place is a bit of a myth, worldwide, but what is the reality of it?

Elijah Berle: It was great! I wouldn't change it for the world. I got to grow up by the beach surfing and skating, it was paradise and still is.

LSM: Growing up skating, were you aware of the legend of Dogtown, the history skateboarding has in this place? Or were you completely oblivious to it? 

Elijah: Yeah I was fully aware of those guys but by the time I grew up, they all were pretty burnt out already. Therefore I respected them but didn’t really look up to them.

LSM: Did you have precise demands for your shoe?

Elijah: I wanted a shoe that wasn't bulky and which had really good board control and feel. I was skeptical if we could actually create that and we did. It's honestly the best shoe I have ever skated.

 Jared Sherbert

Gap to nosebluntslide, Baltimore

LSM: You have been more of a classic silhouettes guy, but your shoe has a little than « another vulc » to offer. Was that a conscious decision? Looking into new directions?

Elijah: Well I wanted to make a shoe with the feel and flick of a vulc shoe but with the support and lifetime of a cupsole shoe, and I think we hit the nail right on the head with it. It feels just like a vulc shoe that's longer lasting with more support and board feel.

LSM: How much of an accomplishment is it to read your name on a shoe?

Elijah: It’s the biggest accomplishment I have ever achieved personally in skateboarding. I like to think that all the work I have put in over the years has resulted in the shoe and it feels really good to look down and see them on my feet.

LSM: How much were you involved with the whole crew filming for « Blessed »?

Elijah: I wasn't involved too much with the video, I was just skating with the guys a bunch and ended up getting a few tricks with Bill that he ended up using for the video. I was really stoked to have some clips in there.

LSM: An anecdote from those sessions? LSM: How much were you involved with the whole crew filming for « Blessed »?

Elijah: Just watching those guys skating around New York is special. Just looks right. They do it right.

LSM: What differentiates filming with Bill from doing so with other people?

Elijah: Filming with Bill is different from filming with other people because there's no van, no nothing, just skating around the city with a camera bag and homies, arriving at a spot and having a session.

LSM: You recently joined the F.A. camp. Did you have to get jumped to finally get in?

Elijah: I have been skating with Dill and A.V.E. for a long time now and it always made sense for me to join them. Everyone on the team was hyping me up to do it so it became a really natural switch because I was already skating with all those dudes.

 Jared Sherbert

Frontisde 50-50, NYC.

LSM: I know it has been in the works for a while, how did the connection first happen?

Elijah: Just skating with the F.A. dudes more and more and when the time was right, I had to go for it. I have looked up to those guys forever and it feels good to have finally joined the F.A. fam!

LSM: Your favorite Dill moment?

Elijah: Any moment with Dill is usually a good moment, I could listen to him for hours. You are always on the edge of your seat with the next thing he is going to say. I remember once he got carded for cigarettes and didn't have his I.D. on him, so he got the lady to sell them to him because he was yelling at her to view his teeth and tattoos "Look lady, what kind of twenty-year-old has these fucking teeth?!".

LSM: What’s in the works for you, this year? Are you finally back from all your injuries?

Elijah: I am working on a video part with Greg Hunt right now for Vans, and I’m hoping to have it out by the end of summer. I have been on and off the board with injuries, which has been a little discouraging and I'm just getting over a rolled ankle so I’m hyped to get back out there!

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