"ERORI" is the name of the new Wasted video, filmed over about ten days whilst on a trip to Zaragoza, Spain. LIVE here, and now!

The great Olivier Fanchon was in charge of the editing, and found some time to spare to present his newborn to you in a few paragraphs, just below...

"This video results from a ten-day trip around Zaragoza, Spain - halfway between Barcelona and Madrid, with the Wasted team: Vincent Milou, David Métivier, Malo Spence, Macéo Moreau, Kévin Ozcan and Thibault Gortina, alongside Hugo Ghnassia on filming duties, Clément Chouleur shooting photos and Johann Liebel, co-founder.

Originally, Hugo Ghnassia suggested that I should go on the trip too and help with second angles, as well as the editing, but I couldn't make it.

Hugo and Johann Liebel had liked that recent edit I did of Oscar Candon for Futur, as well as another older montage of mine, « Vicious Circle ». They were looking for something similar.

In both those old clips I had been experimenting with unexpected atmospheres and sound score, so I figured I would go for that for this piece as well. I find joy in experimenting, trying to catch people off-guard hopefully in interesting ways, all the while respecting the direction of other people involved in the process.

It was actually several of us working on the editing as I'd export regularly for Hugo and Johann to keep giving me feedback: "more of this, less of that"...

I'm used to editing footage that I filmed myself, so this project took me out of my comfort zone.

We had a lot of drone footage to work with, which isn't my thing to begin with but in a way, that was the interesting challenge - managing some kind of use for such footage that would be different from how it's normally presented in other skate videos.

A lot more people are into basic editing nowadays (i.e.. for Instagram) and know how to pull off this or that effect. I like the idea of coming up with visuals the functioning of which are, hopefully, less obvious.

"Erori" as a title - Clément found it; it's a Basque word for "falling".

I thought it fit the editing style as it sounds like the word "error" and I used a lot of shots on which Hugo's camera had glitched; resulting in visual errors. Well, the final version has a lot less of those than the original exports originally had.

I would like to thank Hugo Ghnassia and Johann Liebel for trusting me.

Also to the following inspirations, or people whose existence reassures me: 

Pontus Alv, Romain Batard, Sébastien Abès, Colin Read, Guillaume Périmony, Joaquim Bayle, Greg Hunt, Yoan Taillandier, Pacôme Gabrillagues, Fred Mortagne, Ben Chadourne, Joe Pease...

Luidgi Gaydu, Maxime Michel, Soy Panday, Matias Elichabehere, Ludovic Azémar, Santiago Sasson, Benjamin Deberdt, Sébastien Charlot, Thibault Lenours, Greg Dezecot, Alex Pires, Thomas Busuttil.

Oscar Candon, Kévin Rodrigues, Vincent Touzery, Rémy Taveira, Roman Gonzales, Hugo Maillard, Adrien Chabiron, Valentin Jutant, Stephen Malet, Marc-A Barbier, Joffrey Morel, Victor Demonte, Louis Perruchaud, Phil Zwijsen, Lisa Jacob, Thomas Courteille, Tura and many more!" - Olivier Fanchon

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