Not many skaters can claim to have an eponymous video part (but a part of what?). Well, as of today, Fabio Da Silva is one of those few, thanks to Quentin Sarda's initiative of a video as to honor Fabio's inclusion to the Toulouse, France-based Okla Skateshop roster. Which means, you're clearly not done seeing him perform on his local turf in our recap articles of the French Vans Thursday Sessions (see here for the first and second installments).

About last night the last trick, Quentin (whose previous production we had introduced you to here) recalls:

"For the kickflip over rue Alsace Lorraine - the ender - we tried going in the middle of the afternoon the first time around and it was just too crowded. It's such a busy street in Toulouse. So we decided to leave and come back around half past nine in the evening...

Eventually, it is four whole sessions over the span of just as many weeks (one session per week) that it took for him to finally land that trick.

Consequently, all the party footage that's intertwinned with the skate footage in the edit is from later that very night."

- Quentin Sarda

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