Gypsylife / soundtrack / premiere

This is not the first time that Cliché tries to go a bit further than digging into the Best Of VD bought borrowed at the truck stop, as they had a fully recorded live soundtrack for Clé in 2008, but for Gypsylife, they just went a notch up, with the actual custom composition of a few tracks by Busy P, aka Pedro Winter –whom we already have exposed the skate roots– allowing to mix documentary bits, lifestyle shots and actual skate parts… Both already worked together for Bon Voyage and took it from there in the vein punchy vein Busy P has mastered. Tomorrow, for Record Store Day, Ed Banger Records will release the four tracks as a vinyl, with a Chet Childress illustrated cover, but we can already offer you, as an exclusive, a quirky electro track that might also sound familiar to the elderly at the skatepark, named "Mike". Oh, and tomorrow, we will have records and DVDs for you to win!

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