Hors Champ, 5 W's

Skateboarding photography rarely shows the totality of a session… Friends waiting more or less patiently in a corner, put aside with the bags and whatever would not sit pretty in the frame, real life still happening in the street, noises coming from all of it: the whole atmosphere of the moment is rarely palpable, to present you a sublimated trick.
This is what Romain Batard tried to showcase with Hors Champ: a few days in Bordeaux, some tricks, and all that was happening around them.
But let him tell you the whole thing…

What triggered the idea for Hors Champ?
Well, 360° photography is a technique I have been researching quite a bit, and that I have been applying in my work. Using it more and more, I started thinking it'd be cool to apply it to skating, to show a bit of the environment around the spots, and the mood of the sessions.

Why show what the others chose not to?
And why not? When I went to MACBA for the first time, I was surprised to see that the blocs were in some sort of dead-end, and same thing at many spots in the U.S. We are so used to see spots from a certain angle, with no bags that lie in a corner, nobody else in the frame that it does get a bit boring. Same thing goes for the videos, I'm at a point where I enjoy the outros more than the parts, almost, as you get to see a bit of behind the curtains, the mood of the session. This is because I wanted to see the sidelines that decided to shoot them, in the end.

Where did you decide to shoot it?
I picked up Bordeaux, just because I hadn't seen the homies in a while, plus I knew they'd be keen. I also pick this city because it is interesting for its diversity: you have picturesque spots, that are almost postcards worthy, while others are more raw.

When did you shoot this, and how long did it take?
We got it done over a week, past May. I would have loved to stay longer to film a bit, and because you're always treated like a king in Bordeaux! Then, putting the photos together and selecting the sounds took me quite a while. I must have been working on it every night for a solid month.

Who would you like to shoot using this technique, if you got the bug again?
Some really famous spots, but that we don't know much of their settings, with local skaters. Or show a city like Copenhagen, with a really good scene, and incredible spots.

Well, turn up the sound, click on the portraits, and see more!

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