Inside O.U.T.

Arthur Chiron - you might remember his name as the performer of many a demonstration of urban prowess, notably frozen in time in « Frame By Frame », the French classic independent full-length video by Romain Batard, Olivier Fanchon, Greg Dezecot and Aymeric Bertrand from a decade ago - already… Well, Arthur made some wise use of said time span, focusing on his studies as a plastic artist whose interest revolves around one’s personal exploration and interpretation of the physical space, as influenced by Raphaël Zarka, who supports him.

Anyway, the latest expression of such reflections just manifested itself, under the name Inside O.U.T.: an exhibition of uncommon structures all extracted from one same core then peppered throughout the main hall of Théâtre Le Quai in Angers, France, since last Saturday and up till June; a time period during which space will keep getting explored, as the structures will regularly be flipped over and moved around…

Some words from Arthur himself: "Indeed there is some definite Raphaël Zarka influence at the core of Inside O.U.T. which in itself is a reference to his works, I'd say. The 'core' you are bring up is actually a polyhedron (a rhombicuboctahedron, to be specific) which is an emblematic figure in Raphaël's works, as seen on the 2001 photo "Les formes du repos n°1" then later in his 'catalogue raisonné des rhombicuboctaèdres'. There also are obvious correlations to his happening, Paving Space. So, Inside O.U.T. might qualify as a collage of sorts binding together those two aspects of Raphaël's works."

Now, let’s salute this remarkable demonstration of cultural avant-gardism from the organizers and sponsors, and celebrate Arthur’s works the way he would really like everyone to: by jamming wallies everywhere at this skatepark that really isn’t one!

Inside O.U.T. will be skatable till June, look it up here, if you want to visit!

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