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Portrait: Benjamin Deberdt
Launched in 2017, Intêrstate is a highly qualitative skateboarding magazine with a focus on beautiful images, exposed film and an explicit motto: "skateboarding culture and visual arts". The third issue just came out, and one of the co-founders tells us more.

LIVE Skateboard Media: Why in hell do an independent skateboard magazine in 2019? May you explain the concept and ideas behind your publication, and a little of its history?

Rafael Gonzalez: Actually, we launched the first issue of Intêrstate in 2017 but I guess the question still applies to this time frame [laughs]. My friend Constantino Carneiro and I decided to start a print magazine project because we believe that even in the fast-paced world we live nowadays, paper is still the best medium to present and look at photographs rather than in small devices and displays. We print in limited runs, and since it is a personal project we have full control on what to include and feature in each issue.

Gabriel Engelke, no-comply frontside wallride. Ph.: Rafael Gonzalez

LSM: When did you pick up photography (and how)?

RG: I started shooting photos around twelve years ago as a way to document my travels and daily life. I remember I was going on my first trip to Barcelona, so I decided to buy a cheap film camera and a bunch of rolls to have some memories of the city and stuff, then when I came back home I learned how to develop film and make prints in the darkroom. A few years after that, I started shooting skate photos with my friends, then bought some other cameras to experiment with different formats, and that's how all started!

LSM: Who are the photographers you have learned the most from, you would say?

RG: There's a long list of photographers that have been a reference and inspiration to my work over the years, I could mention Brian Gaberman, Scott Pommier, Fred Mortagne, Benjamin Deberdt, Greg Hunt, Christopher Thomas, Berenice Abbott, Josef Koudelka between others.

LSM: What is the theme for the latest issue?

RG: There's no specific theme in the latest issue of Intêrstate, but it covers previous travels to Barcelona, Paris and the Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) all shot on film, also a studio visit to Soy Panday featuring some of his original artworks, words by Sam Milianta and photographs by Benjamin Deberdt.

LSM: Where would you like to take Interstate, ideally?

RG: I'd like to take it to a larger audience who appreciate the value of print media, as well as contribute, and work with different skateboarders, artists, brands and like-minded individuals across the world.

And, if you would want to collect' em all for the ol' shelf, this is where you go!

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