Jardin d'Hiver

As just as much worth of memories of a pre-apocalyptic world, Auguste Fenez's latest offering is a three-minute audiovisual postcard from Paris, honoring the tradition of the genre with an original touch via the style of filmmaking.

Word on the streets of the French capital is, he spent some time last year riding just them alongside fellow talented and motivated skater Elson Patrick (notably a Wasted representative), in order to collect this footage, then assembled by a real production team.

Another interesting glimpse of Paris and a bit more of its scene - without directly exposing yourself to the urban germs. You might end up finding yourself missing that asphalt, though...


"'JARDIN D'HIVER' is a video project born out of a recent collaboration between Deathwish and Baume & Mercier; Erik Ellington hit us up and suggested we should make a video featuring the boards.

This isn't your typical skate video per se, given its general pace and absence of music; we didn't want to make something performance-based, instead aiming for the feels.
Two skaters cruising around Paris - and that's it.
In an era where new videos drop online all the time, it was precious to us to polish this one like an amulet.
The end result is a good recap of memories with friends that I'm glad to be able to present now - a year later!" - Auguste Fenez
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